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Happy Labor Day from Big Girls Bras!


Labor Day has finally arrived – it’s the last big three-day weekend of the summer! With most of the summer behind us, do you feel you’ve made good use of the warm weather, or has the summer flown by and you’re not ready for it to end yet? If you’re still hankering for a bit more summer fun, here are a few of our favorite warm-weather ideas (and the accessories to go with them) to make the most of the end of summer!

Treat Yourself to a Late-Summer Pedicure!
End-of-summer gestures don’t have to be big and expensive. Celebrate the last few weeks when you can get away with wearing sandals by treating yourself to a colorful pedicure! Get a cheerful color that you’ll love, and wear the heck out of your favorite sandals or flip flops. And while you’re at it, why not pair it with our Arianna Flora Camisole Corset 5722? This cute corset cami is lacy and flirtatious, and when the warm weather goes, you’re going to have to hide this baby under a jacket or sweater. So sad! Make the most of the summer that’s left with this fun and flirty sleeveless top!

Set Up a Lemonade Stand with the Kids
If you’re looking for a way to include your children in your farewell to summer, why not help them set up a lemonade stand? Remember when you were a kid and it was awesome to make a few bucks by selling this delicious summer beverage? Everyone stops for a cute kid, and it’s a great way to instill an entrepreneurial spirit in your children at a young age. To get into the spirit, why not wear something beachy, like one of our colorful swimsuit coverups! Or take it a step further and set up your lemonade stand near the beach – nothing like pedaling to the rest of the people who are celebrating the end of summer!

Eat Outdoors as Often as Possible
When it’s the middle of full-summer, those outside patios start to look like a hot, barren wasteland compared to the air-conditioned indoors. But with the peak of the warm weather behind us, now’s the perfect time to eat outside – as often as possible! Come winter, you’ll be totally nostalgic for a few warm days to enjoy a picnic in the park, or an outdoor patio at a restaurant.

Exercise Outside
Running on a treadmill gets really boring after just a few days stuck indoors. With colder weather around the corner, now is the time to make the most of your last few weeks to exercise outdoors! Go for a run or hike in the sun – and enjoy the scenery! While you’re at it, treat yourself to a fun new sports bra to make the most of your late-summer exercise regimen. Find healthy ways to get out and enjoy it before the warm weather is gone!

Whatever you do to celebrate the end of summer, from all of us here at Big Girls Bras, happy Labor Day – we hope you’re having a great weekend!

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