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Goddess Bras and Underwear: Simple Foundations for Full-Figured Women

This week we’re talking about the brands under the Eveden umbrella, and today we’re looking at Goddess bras and underwear. Goddess was the first American brand under the Eveden Group, and it was also the first Eveden brand to focus on serving fuller-figure women. Goddess has remained a very popular brand, and many of the women who wear Goddess are extremely brand-loyal. If you’re a fuller-figured woman and you don’t know Goddess, you should – it’s the brand made for you.

Goddess and Eveden
The Eveden Group acquired Goddess in 2002, and it was Eveden’s first foray into the fuller-figured market. Prior to the acquisition of Goddess in the United States, all of the Eveden brands were UK-based brands and didn’t have the same foothold here as some of the American brands. Goddess had its own unique identity, and Eveden was able to break into the fuller-figured market through the acquisition of Goddess.

Goddess has continued to be popular under the Eveden umbrella, and has continued to produce consistent, reliable bras and lingerie. Goddess remains the only American company under the Eveden umbrella. Unlike the other Eveden brands, Goddess bra sizing is based on American sizing standards.

Popular Bras by Goddess
Goddess as a brand is known for its simple, classical styling. The average Goddess bra isn’t particularly ornate or decorative; it’s full of clean lines and good support, without all of the fancy frills of some of the other brands. Goddess bras are focused on comfort and simplicity, and Goddess offers a full range of bras for women with a variety of needs.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity – Goddess bras serve women in a variety of capacities. Wearing a low-cut or sleeveless dress? Try a Goddess strapless bra, like the Goddess Marilyn Underwire Strapless Bra. Looking for something to go under a bridal dress or other form-fitting, elegant attire? A Goddess long line bra might be perfect for you. Want something with extra support? Consider a Goddess underwire bra, like the Goddess Kiera Banded Underwire Bra.

Goddess makes sports bras, nursing bras, soft-cup bras and seamless bras – literally everything you could need in one simple brand. Because it’s a Goddess bra, you know it will fit and it’s designed with the full-figured woman in mind. If you don’t need a fancy bra but instead want a staple of good, simple classic bras, a Goddess bra or panties might be the perfect fit for you. Here at Big Girls’ Bras, you’ll also find some Goddess bras on sale as we close out our inventory to make room for the newer items in the collection.

Goddess Sizing for Full-Figured Women
Goddess bra sizing is based on the standard American bra sizing conventions, so Goddess bras fit like other American bras. However, Goddess bras are designed with the full-figured woman in mind, with band sizes up to 56 and cup sizes up to K. Goddess proportions are designed for a woman who is more round all over, and Goddess bras will fit and flatter you if you’re a full-figured woman.

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