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Get a Fitting with Frederika Zappe!

Ladies, its time to celebrate – Eveden Fit Specialist Frederika Zappe is coming to Elenor’s Boutique for a fit session on this Saturday, November 6. As a national Fit Specialist, Freddy travels around the country (and abroad!) to teach sales representatives about the importance of good fit and how to fit Eveden products. As a family that includes Fantasie, Freya, Fauve, Goddess, Huit and Elomi, Eveden has something for everyone. It’s a rare treat to get a fitting with a national Fit Specialist of Freddy’s caliber – she she can help you change how you look and feel by simply finding the right bra.

Fit Makes a World of Difference
We’ve redesigned our website to include tons of fitting information for women, because fit makes a world of difference in your bra and your wardrobe. You’ll find countless articles about fit on our blog, as well as detailed pages about the importance of fit, the elements of fit and how to fit yourself for a bra.

Bra fit changes the way your clothes hang on your body. The right bra can literally take off 10 pounds or a few years from your age. A well-fitted bra is more flattering, and can also help you avoid long-term health problems. Bra fit is arguably even more important than bra size (although bra size is an integral element of fit) and is perhaps the single easiest wardrobe change you can make to look and feel better.

Seeing is Believing
An often-quoted statistic claims that 4 out of every 5 women – 80 percent of the female population – wear the wrong bra size. The most common error is wearing a band size that’s too big coupled with a cup size that’s too small, and this completely changes the dynamic of your bra fit. The majority of the support in a bra comes from the bra’s structure, including the band. A band that doesn’t fit properly doesn’t provide the support you need.

It’s one thing to know about bra sizing and bra fit – and another thing to see it in action.

My Fit Session with Frederika Zappe
I’ve had fit sessions before. I know what a huge difference fit and sizing can make. I’ve done a lot of writing around bra fit and bra size. Talk about preaching to the choir – I am the choir. But even knowing everything I know about sizing and fit, I walked into my fitting with Frederika Zappe wearing the wrong bra size. We chatted about fit and she fitted me, and we discovered that I was wearing a band size two sizes too large, and a cup size two sizes too small. Once we changed my sizing, it made a huge difference in the way my clothes looked and felt.

Don’t take my word for it. See it in action. Join Freddy and the other knowledgeable ladies at Elenor’s Lingerie and Swimwear this Saturday for your very own fitting – and then tell us about the difference it makes!

Can’t make it to the fit session with Freddy? You can still use our great fit information pages to find a bra that fits and flatters your body!

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