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Full-Busted Women Have Difficulties in the US

Image-wise, America is in love with big breasts. Women who have small or average breasts want bigger boobs, and the media portrays breasts as “the bigger, the better.” Proportionally, though, full-busted American women face some negative perceptions. They may have trouble shopping in American department stores for bras, shirts and dresses that fit properly, and may even face disparaging comments from sales staff and even people on the street. Have you had negative encounters as a full-busted woman?

American Perceptions of Full Busted Women may be Unflattering
Full-busted is defined as a small band size – 36 and under – combined with a large cup size – DDD and over. But bust size in the U.S. is all about proportion. Women who have a petite or small frame and big busts still face negative perceptions here in the United States. One woman who wears a 28G bra walked into a Neiman Marcus’ lingerie department a few months ago looking for a bra in her size, and the saleswoman told her: “Oh, we don’t do that here.” Sofia Vergara, who recently became an inadvertent spokeswoman for petite women with full busts, said in the September issue of Allure: “Nobody with real boobs usually has those measurements.”

Whether she’s wrong or right isn’t easy to determine, as there isn’t a good source of definitive data when it comes to bra size in the U.S., but it’s true that the perception of women in the U.S. who wear this sort of bra size is that their boobs are fake. As one woman said: “If they were fake, I wouldn’t need a bra!” A 17-year-old from Phoenix added: “When the sales people can’t seem to fit me ‘correctly’ or make a sale, they can often get rude or snappy and just overall unpleasant.” This poor girl stuffed her full bust into an incorrectly-sized bra for years before she found bras in her size online!

You Need a Safe Haven Where You can Find the Right Bras!
When you’re bra shopping, you don’t need a “tone” and you don’t need judgment. You need to find a flattering bra in a style you like in your size! And women with a full bust and a petite body have even more of a hard time because of the perception that “nobody with real boobs has those measurements.”

Here at Big Girls Bras, we want you to have your safe haven! Use our Fit pages to figure out what size bra you should be wearing, and find some fabulous bras in your size! European bras may be more available in large cup sizes, as the UK seems to be more accepting and less judgmental of women with fuller breasts. But if you buy a UK bra, make sure to get it in the correct size as UK sizing doesn’t necessarily correspond with US sizes. Check out our bra cup size comparison chart to find the right bra for you.

Do you have a larger bust size and a smaller band size? Have you had any unpleasant encounters when bra shopping, or just out and about?

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