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Friday Q&A: What’s Your Favorite Bra Design or Cut?


Today, we’re wrapping up bra design week with a modified Q&A on bra design! Here at Big Girls Bras, we get a ton of questions about which bra designs are the best for women with certain body types, women with certain shopping criteria or women who want a certain cut from their bra. Today we’re going to tackle a few of the most common! (Share your own favorites – or questions – with us! Which bra design or cut do you like the best, or do you have any questions about finding the right design or cut?)

What bra is the most comfortable?
That depends on how you think of comfort! Some women find shoulder straps to be uncomfortable, while other women think of “comfortable” as anything without a wire. Others want a soft, yielding bra. Here are a few of our top “comfort” bra categories:

  • Comfort Strap Bras: if straps are a problem for you, you can find comfort by going with a comfort strap bra. These types of bras are designed with straps that are extra wide, or straps that are padded, that are better able to distribute weight across the shoulders and won’t pinch or “dig in.” Alternately, if you find straps are a problem, you may not be wearing the right bra size – check out our fit guidelines.
  • Soft Cup Bras: some women just hate underwires – which is usually also a fit related problem, by the way – so soft cup bras are popular picks with women in this category. Some of these bras are simply less supportive than underwire bras, but they make up for it in comfort. Others feature unique designs to provide support without a wire, such as side slings, multi-part cups and other structural elements.
  • Sleep Leisure Bras: if you just want a soft, yielding bra, you can’t go wrong with our sleep leisure bras. These are extremely soft bras, often with a sling or front close design, that provide minimal support – but they’re huge on comfort. Great for evenings when you get home from work, or weekends when you’re puttering around the house.

What bra design is the most supportive?
A ton of our shoppers are big-busted women, so support is always a big question. We’ve got a ton of great supportive bras, but to find the best of the best, take a look at our Firm Support Bras. These bras tend to feature things like multi-part cups and robust designs that really work for large breasts.

What bra design is the most fun to wear?
Now this one is totally a personal preference! Many of our shoppers find “sexy” or “flirty” bras to be fun to wear, so for those we love:

  • Demi Bras: demi bras are half-cup bras with low cuts – they tend to show the top swell of your breasts, and are great under low-cut or wide-neck tops where you want to show some cleavage.
  • Push Up Bras: what’s not to love in a push-up bra? Great cleavage that looks sexy and draws attention with the right outfit – if that’s your idea of fun, you’ll love it!
  • Shelf Bras: if you’re feeling really daring and want something to wear in the bedroom, check out our shelf bras. These bras will turn heads and invite closer inspection at your next intimate encounter.

What do you think, ladies – what’s your favorite bra design or cut?

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