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Friday Q&A: What’s the Best Swimsuit for a Pear-Shaped Body?

With warm weather teasing parts of the country, our shoppers have started the annual “which swimsuit is right for me?” dance! With that in mind, today’s Friday Q&A is a question about the best swimsuit for a pear-shaped body!

Question from Quiet Soul:

What type of swimsuit would be good for me?

I want to go swimsuit shopping before I leave for Mexico in 2 weeks! I am i guess you could say a “pear” shape. I have no idea what would look good on me, i was thinking like a two piece the top would be longer and the bottom would be more of a skirt. I don’t really like to show to much skin unless i am laying in the sun. Any suggestions? Also, what type of design would look good (stripes, polka dots), or would plain look better?”

Have no fear, you’ve got plenty of options!

The pear-shape body type, also called the triangle body type, is one of the most common female body types. This body shape is characterized by wider hips and a comparatively narrower bust and shoulders. A good way of summarizing this body type is “wider on bottom than on top.”

To dress this body type to best advantage, you want swimsuit tops that will play up the top half of the body, adding volume and size with things like push-up cups, underwire cups, bright patterns, bold colors and visually appealing designs.

In contrast, you want to go plainer on the bottom – choose subdued colors or black for the swimsuit bottom, and go with simple, minimal designs. Try to avoid a swim skirt on bottom, if possible, because that can make the hips and bootie seem wider. A simple bikini brief is your best bet. Avoid bottoms with horizontal stripes or patterns, because they can also make the bottom seem wider.

To give you an idea of the types of things you should shop for, here are a couple of our swimsuit recommendations for women with a pear body type:

Bandeau Tankinis are a Great Option
A bandeau tankini, like the Tara Grinna Flavius Bandeau Tankini Swimsuit Top Style FT-145, is a great option for a women with a pear body type that doesn’t want to show a lot of skin. The bandeau style ads a horizontal element to the bust, which gives the illusion of more width, and the halter style straps accent the shoulders and neck, making them appear wider. The skirted style of this tankini is flattering and can add a little concealment to the hips when paired with a simple bottom, like the Tara Grinna Flavius Mid Rise Swimsuit Bottom Style FT209.

Cleavage-Enhancing Tops Add Appeal
If you’re comfortable drawing attention to your cleavage, a cleavage-enhancing swimsuit top is a great way to add width on top and even out the silhouette. One of our newest tankinis, the Be Creative Sculpture Club Black Halter Tankini with Frills Style 3505753 is a flashy, ostentatious swimsuit top that’s sure to draw eyes and highlight your assets. Pair it with a plain bikini bottom and you’ll be in good shape.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Great Print on Top!

Finally, bold prints and great patterns on top are your key to looking fabulous! Something like the Tara Grinna Esmeralda Underwire Tankini with Adjustable Straps Style 112 offers a great print and cleavage enhancement, and paired with a simple bottom it does a great job of balancing the silhouette and making you look great!

Hope this helps! If you need more guidance, take a look at one of our blog posts from last August: Triangle Body Type? Swimsuits that Enhance Your Bust

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