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Friday Q&A: What Kind of Bra is a Perfect Solution for Sagging Breasts?

As much as we don’t like to talk about it (or even think about it!) gravity is not a friend to our beloved boobs. Sometimes it’s simple aging that does it, or sometimes it’s motherhood, or even a big weight loss – but we all get to a point in our lives when our breasts simply don’t have the natural perk and bounce they used to have! Today’s Friday Q&A is for a woman who dared to ask the question we all wonder about, sooner or later: what kind of bra is the perfect solution for sagging breasts?

Question from Nice Gal:

What kind of bra is a perfect solution for sagging breasts?

I’m sure that i am not wearing a good fit bra. My breasts have started to sag and it looks a bit odd. What i want to know is that what kind of bras will prevent my breasts from sagging further? Also what is the definition of a good fitting bra?

You’re not alone in wondering about this! It’s a question we all face, sooner or later. While we can’t restore the natural perkiness and bounce that we miss from our youth, we can still look fit and firm under our favorite tops with the right bra!

Your question has a couple of different parts, so first: the right bra for sagging boobs. Depending on your particular body, there are a couple of different options. If your boobs retain their shape but are a bit “droopy” – something like a balcony bra or a push up bra that offers a little extra lift may be all that you need. Underwires are great for sagging boobs.

If your breasts are sagging and no longer retain their shape – a very common problem for mothers who have breast-fed their children, or women who have undergone a big weight loss – you need something with a little more coverage. Our full coverage bras are perfect for women with this issue. Push-up bras and balcony bras aren’t great for women with this issue, because the breast tissue isn’t rounded on top and may even dimple or droop inside the cup. Full-coverage bras are designed to fully encapsulate the breast tissue, and provide great shaping as well as support.

Regarding fit, this is a really common issue for our shoppers! We’ve put together an extensive bra fit guide to help you figure out whether your current bra is a good fit, and what to look for when you’re shopping for a bra. In particular, for what it sounds like you’re asking, take a look at our pages:

How a Bra Should Fit
What a Well-Fitted Bra Should Feel Like
Is Your Current Bra a Good Fit?

These pages will give you a great overview of what to look for in bra fit, and help you figure out where you’re having problems with your bra.

With the right type of bra – in the right size – you’ll notice a huge difference in how your breasts look and feel! Your breasts will stand at attention again, you’ll look slimmer because your clothes will fit differently, and you won’t have to feel self-conscious about a natural process we all go through!


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