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Friday Q&A: What Bra Makes Your Breasts Appear Smaller?


Today’s Friday Q&A is for all of the big-busted ladies out there! Are you someone who wishes for smaller boobs? Do you feel like they’re always getting in your way, or drawing too much attention, or keeping you from wearing the really cute shirts you love? Today’s Q&A is for you!

Question from Noonerz:

What bra makes your breasts appear smaller?
I have heard of bra that makes your boobs look a lot smaller. I wear a 36 DD and I hate it. A girl I knew told me about how when she had boobs my size she bought a bra that pulled her boobs in and held them down and made her look like she only wore a size B. What is it called?

As cup sizes grow larger, this is an increasingly common issue. Women wish for smaller breasts for a variety of reasons, but few actually want to or can afford to take the step of breast reduction surgery. If you’ve wanted smaller boobs, there are two keys to resolving your issues:

Minimizer Bras are the Keys to Smaller Boobs
If you actually want to make your breasts appear to be smaller, you need a minimizer bra. Minimizer bras are designed to redistribute your breast tissue to make your boobs seem smaller. Most of them widen the breasts and compress them against the chest wall to “squish” them and reduce projection.

Many of our shoppers here at Big Girls Bras are women with large breasts, so we offer a wide array of minimizer bras for you to choose from. Some of our top recommendations for someone in your size range, Noonerz, would be:

These are three different minimizer bras in different price points and designs, so hopefully one of them is a good fit for you.

Minimizer bras help if projection is your problem – like if you love a cute shirt but it’s always too tight or stretched-looking across your boobs. Unfortunately, though, projection isn’t the only problem – sometimes wider breasts make your chest actually seem larger, particularly if you’ve got narrow shoulders or a narrow torso. Containing your breast tissue within the boundaries of your torso – even if it means increasing your projection – can sometimes help you look and feel smaller on top. It depends entirely on your body. But if this is your goal, you need to look for a bra with the right shape – i.e. a design concentrated on projection instead of width with narrower-set straps and cups. Fit plays a huge role in this, too.

Fit Plays an Important Role in the Appearance of Breast Size
Many women find that when they’re wearing the wrong bra size, their breasts look bigger, they look saggy, they cause discomfort, and clothes fit oddly – some of the top reasons women complain about large breasts. Fit expert Frederika Zappe has some wonderful stories about full-busted women who learned to love their breasts again after just being properly fitted! One, in fact, had breast reduction surgery scheduled – but she canceled it after finding that bra fit made such a huge difference for her. So make sure you’re properly fitted! Check out our fit guidelines – don’t just buy the same size you’ve always bought because “that’s your size.” Fit yourself and adjust your size as needed – you may find you don’t even need a minimizer bra, but the right bra size will change your relationship with your boobs!

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