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Friday Q&A: How Much Weight Should You Lose to Fit Your Swimsuit?


Swimsuit fit is one of the biggest points of stress for any woman during the swim season. It’s a huge issue when we’re shopping, and it’s something we worry far too much about every time we gain or lose weight. For today’s Friday Q&A, we’re going to tackle a tricky topic: weight loss (or gain) and swimsuit fit.

Question from Paddy:

How much weight loss is necessary for you to look fit in your swimwear?

Isn’t that the million dollar question, Paddy? We all wonder that when we shop for a new swimsuit, or when we dredge up last year’s swimsuit – how much weight do we need to lose to look fit in our swimwear?

The answer is: none.

Yes, that’s right. You can look fit in your swimwear without losing a single pound. It’s all about selecting the right style for your body shape.

If you’re worried about a little belly pudge, for example, something like the Tara Grinna Livia Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit with Split Front Overlay is perfect. It will skim your hips and create a lovely silhouette, while at the same time disguising a little bulge in the tummy region.




Another great option to deal with a little bit of general pudge is something like the Tara Grinna Seneca Crane One Piece Surplice Swimsuit. This swimsuit features a crossover design with a ruched front that perfectly disguises a little extra belly fat. The swirling design also draws the eye and disguises any other bulges – something like this is great if you want to minimize love handles or even back fat.



For a bit of all-over forgiveness, consider something like the Aerin Rose Black A-Line Underwire Swimdress. The a-line style is oh-so-figure-flattering, and the tummy control wraps around the body to minimize bulge and jiggling. This swimsuit is also great for its underwire bra and modesty pads, providing shaping and support for up to a G cup.



If you hate the dress styling or just aren’t a fan of one piece swimsuits, something like the Sunsets Separates Heaven Shirred Tankini Swimsuit Top provides modest coverage and good camouflage for tummy bulge. The shirred front is absolutely great if you’re looking for a little forgiveness, and the sweetheart neckline is both flattering and customizable – choose from moderate to full coverage.

Ultimately, if you’re stressing about weight loss (or weight gain!) – you don’t have to sweat the swimsuit season. Just be realistic about your body shape, measure yourself to determine the right size, and try a few styles to figure out what’s most flattering to you.

We are our own worse critics. What you see in the mirror and imagine people saying about you is usually a lot worse. Most of the time, other people don’t even notice our imperfections, and if they do, they don’t hold it against us – unless they’re major jerks, in which case it doesn’t matter what they think!

Stop thinking about how much weight you need to lose to fit your swimsuit, and just find a swimsuit that fits your body.

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