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Friday Q&A: The Bra Hook Edition


Have you ever had a bra that insists on unhooking itself throughout the day? You’re not alone! Today’s Friday Q&A goes out to a woman who deals with these bra peccadillos on a daily basis – here’s why it happens, and what to do about it!

Question from Kara:

What Does it Mean When Your Bra Keeps Unhooking During the Day? During the day, my bra keeps unhooking and I constantly have to keep hooking it back together. What does this mean and what should I do?

When bras unhook themselves throughout the day, there are a few potential factors at play. There are a few more questions we can ask to figure out which cause is behind this bra issue.

Is it just one bra that does this, or is it more than one bra? Take a look at the bra – are there any visual indications of problems with the hooks – i.e. are they bent or otherwise deformed?

Fit Issues Cause Bra Hooks to Let Go
The most common cause of a bra that keeps unhooking itself is fit issues. If you have more than one bra that does this, Kara, it’s probably a size-related issue. Typically, bras that unhook themselves have too much slack in the band, so the band size is too large. This is also the most common fit issue – nearly 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and typically it’s with a band that’s too large and cups that are too small!

Take a look at our bra fit pages to get an idea if you’re having fit issues and to measure yourself for fit. In particular, check out our “Is Your Current Bra a Good Fit?” page – it’ll help you figure out if you’re having fit issues. These graphics can give you an idea what to look for.

It is possible that you’re having a fit-related issue where the bra band is too small, but that’s less likely to cause it to unhook. When bra bands are too small, you’re more likely to feel it digging into you.

How Do You Care for Your Bra?
The other thing that can cause bra hook problems is how you care for your bra, and how old it is. Ideally, you should only hand wash and line dry your bras. A lot of women run them through the washer, though, and sometimes even the dryer! This is a huge problem for bras – it weakens the stretch in the fabric, and it can also cause problems with hooks and underwires. It’s not uncommon for a bra hook to get bent or deformed when it goes through washers and dryers – the hooks often get caught on other pieces of laundry and get pulled, stretched or bent. This can also bend or break underwires, or cause them to come out of the bras.

Never run your bras through the dryer, and avoid using the washer, too, unless you’re using the gentle cycle and have it in a lingerie laundry bag to prevent it from snagging on other laundry.

Finally, it could simply be that your bra is old and has gotten stretched out. Depending on how often you wear your bra, and how it fit in the first place, it’s possible your bra would only last six months to a year. Ideally, you’d never wear the same bra two days in a row, and you’d have several bras in rotation – wearing them properly you can get years out of a bra. But if you wear the same bra day after day, and only have two or three bras total, you may wear out your bra prematurely.

Hope this helps, Kara, and that you’re able to figure out which issue is behind your bra hook problems! What about the rest of you ladies? Have any bra, shapewear or swimwear questions? Ask us and be a part of our Friday Q&A!

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