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Friday Q&A: Swimsuit Edition – Part 2!


It’s that time again – another Friday Q&A to help you answer burning questions and find that perfect style for you! Today, we’re going to revisit swimwear in honor of the warmer weather. Don’t forget to hit us with your questions, ladies – you might help someone else out there with the same challenges!

Question from Ashley:

What kind of swimsuit should I get?

My complexes are my large thighs and belly fat, so what kind of swimsuits cover that up or make it less noticeable? Especially the large thighs.

We’ve got some great one-piece swimsuits that are designed to minimize belly fat, and we’ve got several that can help with thigh coverage too! One of our favorites is this great Jordan Taylor Bandeau Swimdress. It drapes loosely and offers a flattering center fold that helps to minimize problem areas in the belly region. The a-line dress style won’t cling too badly, and the dress style also offers some upper thigh coverage.

Alternately, take a look at the Jordan Taylor Adjustable Leg Swimdress. This style is more form-fitted than the bandeau swimdress above, so it will cling in the belly region. The reason I recommend this style for you, though, is because you emphasize the thigh coverage, and this swimsuit features a great adjustable leg drawstring that enables you to customize the length of the dress and get as much – or as little – thigh coverage as you want.

Another option might be a two-piece swimsuit with something like the MagicSuit Pull On Skirt Bottom. This would offer more thigh coverage on the bottom, but it might be harder to find a tankini top that will really fit and flatter if you’ve got a big belly bulge right at the waistline.

Question from Leni:

Where can i find a cropped swimsuit tankini?

I’d really like to find a swimsuit tankini that ends just above the belly button, and is preferably tight fitting. Any ideas?

I can understand why you’ve had trouble finding one, Leni – swimsuit designers have gone longer with their tankinis over the past few years, so it can be tough to find a crop top. A couple of options that are close to cropped tops that you might consider include:

Alternately, we do have some more cropped tankini swimsuit tops in limited size selections in our closeout swimwear. Browse our complete tankini selection to find something in your size – and these closeouts are priced to move so you could get a great deal with one of these options!

Question from M. Aster:

How do you get rid of unsightly areas when you’re wearing a swimsuit?

I’m overall thin, but am unsatisfied with how my butt looks in a swimsuit. There’s that bulge on the sides. How can I get rid of this, or what should I look for in a new swimsuit?

Don’t you hate when that swimsuit just doesn’t fit right? What you need, M. Aster, is something with more coverage in the butt. It sounds like you’d benefit from a separate top and bottom so you can get the sizing right – so something from our Swim Systems or Sunsets mix-and-match separates might be perfect for you.

Something with an adjustable leg, like the Fantasie Orlando Adjustable Leg Short, is a great option for you, because it enables you to customize your coverage to get just the right fit in the butt. Or an active short that has full coverage, like the Freya Active Swim Short Brief. Alternately, check out our Deep Brief swimwear bottom collection – these are all briefs that offer more coverage and can help you get the perfect fit for your bootie. Make sure to size your top and your bottom separately to get the right fit for you!

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