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Friday Q&A: Do Sports Bras Ever Get Too Small?

11-08-2013-do-sports-bras-get-smallerI think today’s Friday Q&A is pretty timely – the weather has turned cold, with some parts of the country already seeing snow – so most of us who exercise either turn to the gym, or stop exercising until spring. (I’m a gym in the winter kind of girl, personally – I’ve never been hardcore enough to go running when it’s 30 degrees outside and windy! Plus, with my luck, if I tried to go running in the snow, I’d slip and break something!) So today is a good time to take a look at your gym wardrobe as you prep for winter workouts, so today’s Friday Q&A deals with sports bra fit and your changing needs!

Miley asks:

Hey everyone! Do sports bras ever get to small? R they kinda like other bras where u grow out of them?

Hey Miley! If I understand your question right, I think you’re asking about the type of sports bras that slip on over your head, and aren’t bra-sized. Those types of bras don’t offer great support, and they’re generally only made to fit women with breasts up to a C or at the most a D cup size. Honestly, those bras really aren’t great for your breast health – to get the most support and really give your boobs a good shot at longevity, you should be wearing bra-sized sports bras.

And yes, in answer to your question – you should regularly evaluate your bra needs (sports bras, and regular bras too!) to see if you’re still wearing the right size, or if your breasts have grown – or shrunk! – to require new bras.

Breast Size and Bra Size Changes Throughout Your Life
You may not realize it, but breast size and bra size changes throughout your life. Some changes are obvious, like when you gain or lose weight and you need a new band size for your bra. But boobs tend to be proportional, and when you gain or lose body fat, you also gain or lose breast size! Personally, I’ve gained and lost weight a few times, and my cup size has gone up and then down again by two cups!

You should also keep in mind that when your band size changes, your cup size may also change, even if your breasts haven’t changed size significantly – because cup sizes are relative to the band size. For example, a D cup in a 44 band isn’t the same size as a D cup in a 32 band – the D in the 32 band is smaller. So if your band size changes, your cup size may change, too!

Other things also affect breast size, like changes in hormones. Women who use certain types of birth control may notice a change in breast size or breast tissue distribution. Also, when women get pregnant, their breast size changes. And finally, even just related to the natural change in hormones due to your monthly cycle, your breast size can change depending on the time of the month.

So yes, you can outgrow sports bras – or find that they’re too big for you – depending on changes in your body. Follow our bra fit guidelines to make sure you’re wearing the right bra size, and pay attention to how your bra fits. If you notice the fit changing, re-size yourself – it may be time to shop for a new bra wardrobe!

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