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Friday Q&A: Sports Bra Edition!

This week on our Friday Q&A, we’re answering a couple of sports-bra related questions! (Have any questions of your own? Feel free to send ‘em in – even if they don’t make it into the Q&A, our own lovely KC will find you an answer!)

Question from Dinah:

What is a comfortable bra to wear for a lot of walking?
Is the Genie Bra all it’s cut out to be? Is it useful for busty ladies? I’m tired of straps that dig into my shoulders.


If you’re planning to do a lot of walking, I’d recommend one of our super-comfortable sports bras! Walking is relatively low impact, so you can go with a low-impact or medium-impact sports bra for maximum comfort and not suffer too much on the support front.

If you like a good soft-cup bra, I’d recommend the Anita Active CoolMax Sports Bra 5521. Our shoppers love it – it has 24 ratings that give it 4.3 out of 5 stars, and all 24 ratings call it comfortable!

If you want a little more support, my personal favorite sports bra for wearing out and about is the Moving Comfort Maia Underwire High Impact Spacer Sports Bra 350011. I’ve had days where I’ve done 10 miles walking around cities and this bra has kept me comfortable and supported all day. It claims to be a high-impact sports bra – I’d disagree with that, as it doesn’t hold me firmly in place when running – but it is the most comfortable bra I’ve ever owned, and it’s rapidly made its way into my everyday wear.

If neither of these styles particularly calls to you, browse our collection of sports bras and look for something soft – avoid high-impact as these styles may be too constraining to qualify as truly “comfortable.”

Also – straps digging into your shoulders may be a sign of poor fit. The support should come from the band – not the straps – so you may be wearing the wrong band size. Check out our bra fit pages for help in figuring out your sizing!

Question from N:

What is the best sports bra to wear for heavy contact sports?
I need a heavy duty sports bra for my super active lifestyle (sparring, martial arts). In addition, what specific exercises can I do to reduce the size of my chest? I’m only 5’0 but wear a 32C/D and would like to reduce my size to a more athletic shape and to be able to wear tank tops without spilling out of them!

My favorite sports bra for really active workouts is the Shock Absorber Level 4D Plus Max Sports Bra Top B4490. This bra offers the best support I’ve encountered for things like running and kickboxing – and I’ve tried a lot of sports bras!

As far as reducing the size of your chest – the breasts are mainly composed of fat tissue, so reducing body fat overall will help reduce breast size – to a degree. There really aren’t any exercises that specifically target the breasts, but some trainers recommend chest and back exercises to help target the general area. Your best bet, though, is to go for overall body fat reduction, because you’ll also lose volume in the breasts. Ultimately, if you’re super active and have a low body fat percentage already, there may not be much you can do to reduce the size of your chest short of surgery. But wearing the right bra size and fit can help your breasts look more natural and proportionate – so make sure you’re properly fitted and are wearing a good bra!

Anyone else have any questions for our Friday Q&A? Bring it on, ladies – we love to help you!

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