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Friday Q&A: What is the Best Shapewear to Use…?


Shopping for shapewear can feel overwhelming if you’re looking for a specific style for a certain body type or to work with a specific outfit. For today’s Friday Q&A, we’re going to look at some of our most common shapewear questions: what’s the best shapewear to use for…?

Question from Holly:

What is the best shapewear to use to flatten my tummy and slim out my hips? Preferably one that is a thong and only comes up to right below the bra-line

What you’re asking for, Holly, is actually pretty difficult to find! The problem with what you’re looking for is that you want something to slim the hips, but you want a thong style. Thong styles are typically cut up over the hips to prevent visible panty lines, so we don’t really have much to offer that both slims the hips and is a thong!

That said, the closest to what you’re looking for is probably the Bodywrap High Waist Thong 44841. This shaper comes up to just below the bust, and it minimizes the tummy area and provides nice shaping for the waist. And it’s a thong, so there are no panty lines and it looks great under form-fitted clothes! But because it’s a thong style, it’s cut high in the hip region and doesn’t provide the hip slimming you’re looking for. There’s also the Annette Hi-Waist Control Brief PC17421, which is a thong style – it offers slightly more hip coverage but still probably not the level you’re looking for.

If the hip slimming is really important to you, and you can compromise on the thong style, we’ve got a couple of great pieces of shapewear that would work well for what you’re looking for:

You didn’t say what size you need, or what level of control you’re looking for, so this list includes a wide range of sizes and control levels.

Question from H:

I’m looking for shapewear to wear under short dresses and tight shirts. Any suggestions?

This is a really common request, H! There are a lot of styles you can go with – most of the shapewear styles above in answer to Holly’s question would work for what you’re looking for. But I’ve also got a few other recommendations you might want to consider:

Hope something here is useful for you ladies – feel free to hit us on Facebook if this doesn’t cover what you need!

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