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Friday Q&A: What Shapewear is Good to Wear with My Wedding Dress!


Yes, wedding season is upon us, and plenty of women have questions about which shapewear will give them the look they want on their special day! Today we’re going to tackle a couple of these questions, which will hopefully help steer the rest of you in the right direction. Remember: every woman’s body is different, so it’s ultimately a good idea to try several different shapers to see which fits best under your wedding dress. After all, this is a special day that (hopefully!) only comes once, so it’s worth doing it right to get a look you’ll be happy with for the rest of your life!

Question from TJ:

What is a good shapewear for my strapless wedding dress. My dress is tight bodice a-line dress. I would like to make my tummy a little smaller and my boobs to be pushed up a little bit.

Congrats on your upcoming wedding, TJ!

We’ve got a ton of great bridal bras and shapers, so you may just find that you want to experiment a bit and try a few different looks to see what you like best under your wedding dress. Based on what you describe, though, I think I’d start with these styles:

Both of these styles are close to what you describe, but the first is more focused on shaping, while the second has more of the push-up effect you’re looking for. Some of our other bridal corset styles have more shaping – it’s really about finding what looks best on your body, so try several until you’re 100% happy! It’s your wedding day, after all!

Question from HH:

What is the best shapewear to wear with a wedding dress? I would like to wear a corset, but am not sure which brand is the best. I have a big chest (34 DDD) and wear a size 12 in most things. I need something that would support my chest, but will not roll up at the bottom when I sit down.

Congrats on the wedding, HH! Rolling up at the bottom is a common problem, typically when women try to wear a shaper that’s too small. You can address this issue by changing the size, or looking for a shaper that’s a different length.

For what you’re looking for, I think I’d recommend the VaBien The Minus Touch Strapless Keyhole Bodysuit 516. As a bodysuit, you don’t need to worry about it rolling up at the bottom, and the cup sizes in this bodysuit go up to DDD. You could experiment with some of our bridal bras in different lengths to see if you can find one that will fit your body perfectly and doesn’t roll up, but a bodysuit like this will save you the trouble.

Good luck, and I hope your special day is just wonderful!

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