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Friday Q&A: Last-Minute Labor Day Ideas


Ok, so today’s Friday Q&A isn’t exactly a traditional bra, swimsuit or shapewear-related Q&A. But if you’re anything like me and my friends, you’ve been busy and have put off planning something for Labor Day weekend, and now you’re dying to figure something out on short notice! Well, I’ve been doing some research, and I wanted to share with you some of the best last-minute Labor Day ideas I’ve come across. Let’s get out there and make some fun happen this weekend!

Road Trip!
Have you ever just piled into the car, picked a random direction and set off? Road trips are great fun, whether you’re drifting wherever the whim takes you, or whether you’re heading to a specific destination – the kitschier, the better! Because it’s Labor Day Weekend, though, you’d better call ahead if you want lodging – otherwise, you might have a hard time finding a hotel or a place to camp. Take some time to yourself and hit the wide open road this weekend!

Go Find a Beach
Labor Day is THE end-of-summer celebration, so get out there and find a beach to enjoy! Sure, they’ll be crowded, but it’s part of the experience. Don’t forget a comfy towel or beach chair, and bring your sunscreen! Or grab a group of friends and plan a picnic, beach frisbee or just a girlfriend getaway to the beach this weekend.

Spend a Day in a Waterpark
If you don’t live near any beaches (I grew up in the landlocked midwest, and I feel your pain!) spend the day in a waterpark, instead! Think of it as a special occasion and drive to the most awesome waterpark in your region, even if it’s a few hours away. Who says you can’t celebrate like a kid; rock those waterslides, float down those lazy rivers and get out there and soak up some sunshine before the summer is completely over!

If You’re from a Big City, Do a Staycation!
Live in a big city like New York or Boston? In that case, Labor Day is the perfect time to do a staycation! With everyone out of town, it’s the perfect weekend to have the city all to yourself. Book a fancy hotel and work on your tan; stroll pedestrian walkways and shop – do all the things you can never do on a weekend because the city’s too crowded. Go ahead – we dare you to enjoy a city free of people!

Take a Family Camping Trip
Camping is definitely a seasonal activity – many campgrounds close after Labor Day weekend, with only a few hanging on until Columbus Day weekend. Take this chance to get your family outside and enjoy a family camping trip! Again, you may need to call around to find a campground with availability, but getting out into the great outdoors is a great way to unwind on your day off, and let the kids blow off some steam before getting back to school.

Got any other great last-minute Labor Day ideas? Share them with us! I love hearing what other people are doing. Me, I’ll be in Nova Scotia camping with my hubby and dogs – gotta love long weekends!

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