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Friday Q&A: Hot Weather Wardrobe Questions


With heat waves around the country, today’s Friday Q&A deals with hot weather wardrobe questions. Have you ever wondered what to wear when it’s really hot out? Curious about this summer’s fashion trends? Here’s what you need to know:

Question from adept:

What are good feminine clothes to wear in very hot weather?

Lightweight, loose-fitting clothes are a godsend in hot weather. Look for things like sundresses, loose-fitted blouses and tops, lightweight shorts and skirts. Linen pants are very popular if you need something appropriate for office wear.

Most important is to be very choosy with your fabrics. Avoid things like cotton that don’t breathe well. You want lightweight, breathable clothes that will give you plenty of airflow and won’t trap heat – or sweat – against your skin. This is why linen is such a popular pick, but there are also great blends that let you breathe and won’t get all sweaty and clingy.

Question from BT:

What do you have in your summer wardrobe? What are the trends for this summer? From colors to style and the cuts.

Tank tops have made a comeback a few years ago, and this trend is going strong this summer. One of the great things about tank tops is that they can be dressy for work – get a nice sleeveless blouse, and maybe a lightweight linen blazer if your work requires a bit more formal dress – and you’re good to go. But they can also be casual for a weekend – there are some great racerback tanks, or even sexy tanks for date night. I’d say these are a staple for every woman’s hot weather wardrobe.

Colored denim shorts and skirts are also a surprisingly popular trend this year. Personally, I can’t wrap my head around colored denim – yellow, hot pink, orange, green – but lots of designers are including them in the lineup and women are definitely wearing them. Colored denim can be a great way to dress up a fabric that’s otherwise very casual, so if your workplace does business casual, colored denim shorts and skirts might pass muster.

Maxi dresses are popular this summer, and one of the great things about a maxi dress is that you can pair it with a light cardigan or wrap if you work in an office that’s a little too zealous with the air conditioning, or if you need a look that can take you into the cooler nighttime air.

Light colors are popular this season, but it’s also a season for big, bold colors and prints. Deep, rich hues are making an appearance in the summer wardrobe, and jewel tones are popular.

Don’t forget to pair your hot weather wardrobe with a good, breathable bra! It does you no good to shop around for fabrics that breathe if you’ve got a hot, stuffy bra – it’ll raise your core temperature and make you sweat, and can feel damp and clingy for hours after you go into the AC and stop sweating. Check out our recent post on hot weather bras to find the perfect complement to your summer wardrobe!

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