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Friday Q&A: Does Breast Size Go Back to Normal After Pregnancy?

11012013One of the questions that many women wonder about is what happens to the breasts after pregnancy. Everyone knows that the breasts grow larger during pregnancy, but do they go back to the old size after you’re done breast feeding? Today, we’ll answer this popular question, and we’ll talk about some of the other changes you can expect in your breasts after you’ve had a child.

Does Breast Size Go Back to Normal After Pregnancy?
How you feel about this question depends a lot on whether you were happy with your breasts before pregnancy. If you felt like your breasts were too small, you might be hoping that they’ll stay larger even after you’ve had your baby. If you felt your breasts were a good size, though, or even too large to begin with, you’ll be wanting your breasts to go back down after pregnancy.

The reality is: it varies from woman to woman. Breast size is determined by fatty tissue. When you’re producing milk, the tissue in your breasts becomes denser. After breastfeeding, the connective tissue and fatty tissue in your breasts can shift.

Bottom line: your breasts may or may not return to your pre-pregnancy size and shape. Some women go back to normal, or even end with smaller breasts after breastfeeding. Others retain larger breasts – a C before pregnancy might become a DD after pregnancy, for example. Genetics, weight gain during pregnancy, age and breastfeeding all play a role in whether or not your breasts return to their pre-pregnancy size.

Changes in Breast Tissue After Pregnancy
Beyond size, many women also experience a change in their breast tissue after pregnancy, which can be exacerbated by breastfeeding. Many women find that their breast tissue feels “looser” after pregnancy than it did before becoming pregnant. Again, whether this will happen to you depends on a variety of factors from genetics to what happens with your body throughout your pregnancy. If this does happen, though, it can vary from feeling like your breasts are slightly less firm, to noting a definite sag – and you may find that your pre-pregnancy bras no longer fit the same.

Update Your Bra Wardrobe
With all of the changes to your body during and after pregnancy, post-pregnancy you may find that you need to update your bra wardrobe. Particularly if your breast tissue has become more loose, your old bras just won’t fit the same. Some bras are better-suited to loose tissue, and it’s a good idea to get rid of bras that are sub-optimal and replace them with full-cup bras, firm-support bras, or other bra styles that work well to provide shaping and support for loose breast tissue.

You’ll want to avoid things like demi cup bras, because your breasts may look “flat” or “squashed” on top, and instead focus on styles that give you a full, round, firm look. For a complete walkthrough of which bras are best for you post-pregnancy, take a look at our Bra Styles Revealed guide.

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