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Friday Q&A: How Does Breast Shape and Cup Style Affect Bra Fit?

10-11-breast-shape-cup-style-fit-of-braFor the next few weeks, we’re going a slightly different direction with our Friday Q&A series. Most women have very little idea how breast shape impacts what bra styles they can wear, and how these things relate to bra fit. In fact, there’s a wide variety of breast shapes, and women with different breast shapes may find that certain styles don’t fit as well, or that they need certain types of cups in order to get the best bra fit. In the next two Fridays, we’ll delve more into the different breast shapes, but today we’re going to look at how breast shape relates to cup style and makes a difference when it comes to bra fit.

What’s Your Breast Shape?
Breasts come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and every woman is different! This actually presents a design challenge for bra manufacturers – not all bras fit all breast shapes properly, so designers tend to design for specific breast shapes.

In general, breast shape brakes down into six categories:

  • Archetypical breast shape: full and round, and the breasts come to a small point at the middle
  • Uneven breast shape: breasts aren’t equal size
  • Conical breast shape: breast shape is more cone-like than round, which means it projects forward more with less of a full round shape
  • Thin breast shape: in thin breasts, the base of the breast has a smaller circumference than the archetypical breast size – shape appears slim and long
  • Omega breast shape: this is a breast shape caused by improper bra wearing, where the base of the breast is one circumference, but further down the breasts become larger
  • Reduced projection breast shape: the base of the breast is a traditional size, but the breast tissue doesn’t project per usual and may not fill out the cup of the appropriate size

Anything other than the archetypical breast shape can cause minor to serious fit issues, so it’s important to understand your breast shape so you can look for styles that work for you. We’ll delve more into breast shape next week, but in the meantime…

Dealing with Breast Shape Fit Challenges
Basically, if your breasts are any shape other than archetypical, you’re going to have fit challenges. The specific challenge varies based on the type of breast shape you’ve got.

Unequal breasts, for example, may be as simple as using a bra with padding pockets, and using padding in the cup whose breast is smaller than the other to create a more symmetrical shape. Conical breasts, on the other hand, work best with contour cups and push-up bras that give a full look and lush cleavage. Omega breast shapes work well with side-support bras that place the breasts more front-and-center, and rigid, non-stretchy cups, while reduced projection cups will benefit from stretchy cups that can better conform to the breast shape for a nice fit.

Understand that not all breasts are shaped alike, and different breast types work best with different bra styles to get the optimal fit. If you’ve been having bra fit issues, it may be because your breast shape isn’t right for the bra styles you like to wear. Join us next week as we look more at breast shape, and hopefully this new understanding will help you solve your fit issues!

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