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Friday Q&A: How to Tell if a Bra Fits You Perfectly


Finding a bra that fits properly is something we all strive for – but this is a surprisingly tough issue! It doesn’t help that popular lingerie retailers “show” us pictures of bras that aren’t properly fitted, too! When you look at a lot of the photos for Victoria’s Secret bras, for example – that’s not how bras should fit! The women in those ads are often spilling out of their bras – for most of them, the cup size is just too small. Today, we’re going to look at how a bra should fit, so you can figure out if your bra fits you perfectly or if you need to tweak your fit and sizing.

Question from Mindy:

I don’t think any of my bras fit right. I bought a B, and the cup is a little too big for me. When I lift up my arms there’s quite a large gap. The under-wire doesn’t actually touch my skin, either. Kinda sticks up a bit. The A is a small, too, though. I’m wearing a 34A right now, and it’s just not comfortable. But the A is too small. Any help/suggestions?

Mindy, you’re not alone in trying to figure out if your bra fits right!

This is why we’ve put together some visual aids here at Big Girls Bras to help you figure out how your bra should fit. If you go to our “Fitting Bras” page, you’ll see a ton of useful guides, including:

These are all great resources – when you look at them together, you can figure out most of the problems of bra fit, and tweak your bra fit until you get that perfect fit.

For you, Mindy – why don’t you start with our guide on “How a Bra Should Fit

When you look at the picture, you can see that her breasts fill up the cups perfectly – no gaps. The underwire sits against her chest wall and just cradles her breast tissue. The center gore is flush against her body, and the band is level along her back.

In your case, Mindy, it sounds like you’re probably close on sizing, but you’ve got some fit issues. If the A is too small but the B is too big, you might want to try a B cup in a different brand or style. If there are gaps in the cups – is it a molded cup bra? You might try a bra without molded cups so the fabric can conform more closely to your body. Alternately, you might try a push-up bra – these bras sometimes have padding in the bottom that can help your breasts fill up the cups more appropriately.

With the underwire not actually touching your skin, though, that would indicate a different problem – that the cup size is too small and the band size is too big. You might try going down a band size and staying in the same cup size – so if you’re wearing a 34, you might try a 32B. The cup sizes aren’t absolute – they’re relative to the band – so the cup in a 32B will be slightly smaller than the cup in a 34B. Give that a try and see how if fits, and let us know what’s going on!

Just keep experimenting with different styles and size combinations until you get that perfect fit!

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