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Friday Q&A: Body Shapewear


Ever wondered what shapewear to wear when? Today’s Friday Q&A is from a woman who wants to target a certain area, but doesn’t know which type of body shapewear is right for her. We’ll do a brief overview of several styles of shapewear, so if you’ve ever wondered if you’re wearing the right shaper, check it out!

Question from W:

What kind of body shapewear should I get? I have a gut bulge below my belly button, but above my pantyline that won’t go away with diet and exercise so I’m looking for body shapewear. There’s so many, I’m lost! Do I go with the cami, the shorts, the full bodysuit? I just want something to smoothen out the love handles and gut bulge.

I can relate, W! This is a problem area for lots of women. It’s one of the most difficult areas to lose weight – and it’s one of the last areas where stubborn weight seems to cling on no matter how much exercise you do!

To target just that area, what you’re looking for is something like a control brief. We’ve got a ton of styles, so you can pick and choose depending on what you’re looking for. Something like the Grenier Medium Support Panty Girdle 456 sounds like it might be perfect for you – the top hits right around the belly button and smooths down to the hips, so it’s exactly the zone you want to target. We do have a ton of other styles, and many of them feature different heights if you want something with more coverage.

One thing to keep in mind is that many women have problems with control briefs of about this height, or a little higher, rolling down at the top. It’s not something that happens to everyone – it’s really about how your body weight is distributed, and what your body does when you sit down. You may want to try ordering a few different styles that come to different parts of your waist/tummy and see which works best for your body.

The other styles that you list sound like either overkill for what you want, or not targeted for that area. Cami style shapers, for example, are meant to smooth the top half – from about the shoulders down to the belly button. Some of them are a bit longer, but they’re not necessarily intended to provide support there, and I suspect they’d just roll up at the bottom if that’s the area where you’re having trouble.

Body suit style shapers are great for all over control, and they have the added bonus that they don’t roll up or down because they fit like a swimsuit. However, women whose torsos are short or long may have trouble finding a body briefer that fits well – just like a swimsuit – and it may require you to try on a few more styles to find one that’s right for you. It sounds like a bit of overkill for the area you want to target, but they do look killer under a little black dress!

Hope this helps, W! What about the rest of you girls? Any shapewear questions you want to send our way?

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