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Four Tips for a Stress-Free Swimsuit Shopping Experience!

We recently asked our fans and shoppers for their top tips and tricks for bra and swimsuit shopping, and one universal truth arose: a lot of women HATE swimsuit shopping because it’s practically impossible to find something that fits! Do you find yourself leaving stores in a huff because nothing fit? Or practically breaking into tears in the dressing room because everything you try on seems to make you look and feel as unflattering as possible? It turns out, you’re not alone! Plenty of other women have similar shopping experiences. Try checking your stress at the door this swimsuit shopping season with these great tips!

1. Check Your Size
Did you know that something like 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? Maybe you’re having a hard time finding swimsuits that fit properly because you’re going on an outdated notion of what your size actually is! We’ve recently redesigned our bra fit guidelines to help make it easier than ever to figure out what size you need. Stop guessing, and shop for a bra size swimsuit that will actually fit your body! Even if you think you know your size, measure yourself and take a look at our fit guidelines to see if you need to make a size adjustment.

Shop by Size2. Browse By Size
Here at Big Girls Bras, we want to make it super easy for you to find the size you’re looking for. When you’re browsing our swimsuits, you can actually use the left nav bar to browse by size! Click on “Shop by Bra Size” or “Shop by Size” to select your size. Then you’ll only see swimsuits that come in your size, so you won’t have to wade through endless options only to find that they don’t come in your size!

(Also, quick tip from experience: if you find that you’re different sizes on top and bottom, two-piece swimsuit separates are a lifesaver! Get the size you need on top, and size the bottom separately! This doesn’t just work for bikinis; you can get some great tankini swimsuit styles that offer the coverage of a one-piece swimsuit but the perfect fit of something tailored just for your body!)

3. Look for Fits that will Flatter Your Body
This one is slightly more difficult, because it’s a bit more subjective, but: look for swimsuit fits that will flatter your body! Different brands fit in different ways, even with the same sizing, so try different brands until you find a fit that flatters your body. Be realistic about your body shape and what styles will look best on you, and focus on those styles. If you need help figuring it out, check out our Fitting and Sizing blog posts for tips, or sign up to get our Awesome Emails and get our free “Hard-to-Fit No More!” guide that will help you find styles to fit and flatter your body type!

4. Try Not to Take it Personally or Dwell on the Negative!
Finally, we all get frustrated when we try on swimsuits that we love on the hanger, but just don’t look right when we put them on. Try not to take it personally or dwell on the negative! Our bodies are all different, and what the designer had in mind when he or she created a particular style or fit might be perfect for someone else, but may not work as well for you. So just keep looking until you find the swimsuit designed for your body, and don’t take it to heart. Just because a swimsuit you love doesn’t really work for you doesn’t mean the perfect swimsuit isn’t out there! Keep trying, and try to enjoy the shopping experience – think of it as an adventure instead of letting it stress you out!

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