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Five Ways to Enjoy the Holidays from Big Girls Bras!

Some of us who help out with content and social media here at Big Girls Bras are going to be taking a break for the holiday season, so it may seem a little quiet around here for the next few weeks. But don’t fret – we’ll be back right after the New Year, and we’re going to leave you in capable hands! Here are a few of our top tips and recommendations to help you enjoy the holidays – and don’t forget to check out the site regularly for the upcoming holiday sales!

Visit our 12 Sales of Christmas Page for a New Way to Save Every Day!
That’s right, the 12 Sales of Christmas have been so successful that we’re doing it again this year! Visit our 12 Sales of Christmas Page for a new way to save every day, starting on December 10 and running all the way up through December 21. The new sale for the day will show up at 9AM EST, so don’t forget to check back daily for the latest up-to-date sales!

Treat Her or Yourself with a Gift Card!
Not sure what to get? Give a Big Girls Bras Gift Card! Or are you afraid of getting a boring old sweater or some other tasteless gift from a well-meaning but clueless person in your life? Ask for a Big Girls Bras Gift Card! Our gift cards are a great way to ensure she – or you – gets exactly what she wants! You can print out a gift card to physically give someone in a card or lovely note on the day, or you can email the gift card directly to the recipient’s inbox!

Contact Us for Help!
Our fantastic customer service folks will be manning the office right up to the holiday! Give us a call or send us an email if you need help with an order, or if you have questions about something on the site – or even if you just need a recommendation or fit help. We may be busy during the holidays, but we’ll do our best to get back to you!

Review Some of our Top Holiday Guides and Content!
Last year we totally rocked the holiday season with some great, timely content. If you’re lacking inspiration this holiday season, check out some of our top holiday guides and content from last year’s holiday! (Our Holiday Shopping Guide to Bras – For Men! was particularly helpful, so send your guy or help a guy friend find this guide to get some holiday hints and tips!)

Have a Fantastic Holiday Season!
Finally, from all of us here at Big Girls Bras, we hope you have a fantastic holiday season! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah – and enjoy some lovely, stress-free time with your friends and family for us!

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