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Finding the Right Swimwear Fit

Depending on how you feel about your body, the swim season can be a chance to show off and look your best, or it can be a time you dread and find ways to avoid. Don’t let the swim season be a thing to avoid. Spend time in the sun this summer, looking and feeling great – no matter what your body type. Finding the right swimwear fit can make a huge difference in how swimsuits look on your body, and can make you feel worlds better about showing off, or concealing all the right places and helping you look your best.

Two-Piece Swimsuits
Even if you’re a two-piece swimsuit fan, certain types of swimwear may flatter you more, and finding the right fit can make a huge difference in how a swimsuit looks on you. Even if you look great in a bikini, a bikini in the wrong size or style can be unflattering. If you prefer a more modest look with a bit more coverage, a two-piece style that isn’t a bikini may be the right option.

First and foremost, when finding a fit for two-piece swimsuits, know your bra size and body shape. For help finding your bra size, consult our bra sizing guide. Find a bra-size swimsuit top to help you look your best, even if you plan to flaunt it and look great.

If you’re looking for a bit more coverage, explore what type of fit would serve you best. Do you want a low-plunging v-style neckline, or a more conservative fit to help contain your bust? If you feel self-conscious about your body, are you looking for a tankini? And even if you know you want a tankini, are you looking for a close-fitting style or a looser style that will be more forgiving in problem areas? Consider all of these things when looking for a style and fit that will be most flattering for your body.

One-Piece Swimsuits
One-piece swimsuits can be great from a modesty perspective, but they can be difficult to fit – particularly if you’ve got problem areas you want to conceal. The wrong one-piece, or a one-piece swimsuit in the wrong color, can draw attention to your problem areas – not hide them.

Flattering crossover styles or twist-front swimsuits can help conceal tummies and draw attention away from problem areas around the stomach. A low neckline can still show off your bust and make you look great, or a more modest neckline with underwire support and wide straps can help offer the support you want for a bigger bust.

If it’s your thighs you’re worried about, many of our one-piece styles offer skirts or draping material that can help conceal thighs and the bottom. A skirt style can also drape flatteringly if you’re worried about a tummy bulge, and give your body a more hourglass shape.

Finding the right swimwear fit isn’t just about fitting your body. It’s also about finding the style that will flatter your figure. Think about your body type, and which style will display your best assets. Don’t forget to find a bra-sized swimsuit for best fit, and follow the designer’s measurements to fit the swimsuit properly.

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