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Finding the Right Bras for Your Changing Body

As much as we may want to live in the past, life is full of change. We may miss our younger days when our breasts were firm and perky, or miss the old bra size, but as we move through different stages of life, our bodies are constantly changing. This week we’re going to take a look at the different types of changes your body undergoes, and how to cope with those changes. Various stages of life can change your bra size and breast shape, so it’s important to understand these changes and continue to wear the right bras to keep us looking our best.

Changes to the Body During and After Pregnancy
Pregnancy is one of the most powerful forces of change that your body will ever experience. First, a new life is growing inside your body. Your body shape and size will change as your child grows within you, and some of those changes can be lasting. As the hormones hit your body, your breasts will swell with milk. After pregnancy, breastfeeding can put a lot of strain on your breasts. All of these things can change the shape and size of your breast short-term or permanently. Don’t miss the old days; just find the great new bras that will make your new body look great.

Changes to the Body with Aging
Mother Nature is an implacable force as we age. Our skin changes, and we begin to develop wrinkles and the occasional gray hair. As the metabolism changes, we may also begin to gain weight or experience changes in the body. Finally, as cruel as it may seem, the breasts often droop with age. As you go through these stages in your life, look for bras that offer the right level of support and coverage. The key to staying looking great may be as simple as buying a more supportive bra, or getting a bra in a different size.

Changes During Weight Gain or Weight Loss
Many women experience weight gain or weight loss at various points in their life. It’s a normal part of aging to experience a growing waistline as your metabolism changes, and we also gain and lose weight for a variety of reasons. You may switch to a more sedentary job and find your waistline adjusting, or you may have kids and find you don’t have time to work out at the gym the way you used to. Alternately, you may make changes to your lifestyle to loose weight and get in shape after long periods of inactivity or weight gain. Either of these things can change your body.

After weight gain and weight loss, your breasts may change size and shape. Your breasts may not feel as firm, and you may need more supportive bras or bras that focus on shaping. Alternately, as you gain weight, you may find that your cup size is increasing, and you may need a more supportive bra to prevent strain and flatter your figure. Either way, the best strategy is to accept the changes and deal with it – don’t waste your time on denial.

Keep an eye out this week as we go into each of these changes to your body in more detail. We’ll look at the right kind of bras for each stage of your life, and how wearing a good bra can change the way you look and feel.

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