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Finding the Right Bras After Pregnancy

This week we’re looking at the ways your body changes during different stages of your life, and what you can do about it. There’s no doubt that pregnancy is one of the most extreme things that can happen to a woman’s body. Your body undergoes significant changes during pregnancy that can have a lasting effect. Even if you take care of your body properly, wear good supportive bras and otherwise do everything right, you may still experience a change of shape, drooping breasts or other changes to your body. If you’ve had these changes during pregnancy, it might be time to change your bras.

Changes to Your Breasts During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, your breasts enlarge and the milk-producing glands swell with milk. After you finish breastfeeding, the milk glands may return to their normal size from before your pregnancy. Unfortunately, your breasts have swelled to accommodate them during pregnancy, so your breasts may look “deflated” or saggy compared to before the pregnancy. Your breasts may be longer and not as perky after pregnancy; particularly if you had a rough breastfeeding experience with pulling on the breasts.

You may return to the same bra size after pregnancy and breastfeeding is complete, but you may be smaller than before your pregnancy or your breasts may be a different shape. It may be time to look at a new type of bra.

Examine a New Type of Bra
Before pregnancy, you may have been able to wear any type of bra and get away with it. Your breasts may have had natural elasticity and perkiness that enabled you to wear minimal-support bras. Demi bras, balcony bras, plunge bras and shelf bras might have been staples of your every-day wardrobe, or your favorite go-to bras for special occasions. Unfortunately, after pregnancy, you may need to be more selective about your bras. These bra types may still work for you, depending on the bra design itself and how firm your breasts remain, but you may find that other types of bras are more flattering and supportive.

Support and shaping are the two biggest concerns women have with their bust after shaping. While demi bras, balcony bras and plunge bras do come in styles that would offer the support you need, they might not have the right shaping for your bust. These bra styles may be open on the tops or the sides of your cups, and if your breasts seem “deflated” after pregnancy, they might not sit right in these bras.

A better choice of bras for after pregnancy may be things like push-up bras, full-cup bras, molded cup bras or padded cup bras. Push-up bras give you similar cleavage to balcony bras, but the push-up qualities can provide better shaping for breasts changed by pregnancy. Full-cup bras give you full coverage and support and tend to look quite flattering under tops with higher necklines. Molded cup bras and padded cup bras can disguise the “deflated” appearance and give your bust a natural, rounded look like before you were pregnant.

Support is the most important feature for women after pregnancy, but shaping is a close second – so consider these features when you’re shopping for a post-pregnancy bra.

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