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Finding the Perfect Bra: Understand the Factors

Finding the perfect bra is a lifelong quest for many women. It’s something we all strive to attain, but something that seems to remain elusive for many of us. In part, it has something to do with the fact that nearly 85 percent of the female population is wearing the wrong bra size! But there are a number of other factors that go into finding the “perfect” bra, and you’ll never succeed in your quest until you understand the considerations you need to evaluate!

Obviously, the single most important element of finding the perfect bra is finding the right bra fit. Bra fit can be a long-term question. Bra sizing and fit can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer; you might look great in a 34D from one designer, but you might need a 34E or a 36D in another designer’s styles. We try to take the guesswork out of sizing by giving you guidelines to follow regarding fit; our pages contain a sizing chart for each designer relative to standard U.S. sizing, and also typically comparing it to other comparable manufacturers to help you find the right fit. But you may need to experiment with fit and size from several different designers to find your perfect bra fit.

(Need to fit yourself to find the right bra size? Check out our bra fit guidelines.)

The “perfect” bra also varies based on what you want to do with it. The perfect everyday bra may not work for special occasions or evening wear, and you’ll need a different bra for exercising and working out. You may want several “perfect” bras in your wardrobe to make sure you have great bra options for all of your needs. Think about your common bra applications and make sure you have a “perfect bra” for those applications in your wardrobe.

Comfort is a huge factor for many women in finding the perfect bra. You may find a great bra that fits like a glove, but has a scratchy material or straps that dig into your shoulders. Or maybe after a while, the boning gets uncomfortable and digs into your skin. If the bra isn’t comfortable, it isn’t perfect. You won’t wear it for more than a few hours if it’s uncomfortable. Keep shopping until you find comfortable bra options for your needs.

Material and fabric play a role in comfort and in finding the perfect bra fit. You may prefer bras with a satiny feel, or silk-style bras. Or maybe you prefer the cotton jersey feel. Try out different bra fabrics and see what feels best against your skin.

We wear bras because we want to look good. If you don’t like the way you look in a bra, it isn’t the perfect bra. Are your breasts saggy, or do you dislike the shape a bra gives you? Then it’s not the perfect bra! Think about the type of look you’re trying to achieve, and look for bras whose designs can help you reach that goal. You may need to experiment with different cup styles, different bra designs and different sizes to find the bra that helps you look and feel great.

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