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Finding the Best Sports Bras for a Large Bust

Large-busted women have their own challenges when it comes to finding good bras, and finding the best sports bra for a large bust requires paying a little extra attention to design details. You’ve got to look for bras that provide the support you need on a daily basis, and bras that can stand up to the an active lifestyle and prevent your bust from stretching or bouncing while you’re playing sports or working out. What should you look for when you’re hunting a sports bra for a large bust?

Look for a Women’s Sports Bra with Wide Shoulder Straps
One key design feature that’s integral in providing support under any circumstances are wide shoulder straps. Thin shoulder straps can stretch more easily, or they can cut into the shoulders and fail to provide adequate support. Wide shoulder straps; better yet, padded shoulder straps; provide the support you need, and are a must-have in a sports bra for large-busted women.

Search for a Sewn-In Frame or Other Support Features
Another important element of a supportive sports bra for full-busted women is a sewn-in frame, underwire or other support design features. The La Breeza Sports Bra for High Impact Activities, for example, provides a sewn-in frame designed to provide the support that full-busted women require during very active sports or activities. This bra has a double-ply under-bust sling to provide support and prevent bounce, and a sewn-in frame to provide extra control for large busts. Design features like these are absolutely vital in a good sports bra for large-busted women.

Racerback and Wide Bands Provide Extra Support for a Large Bust
Even well-designed sports bras are useless if they won’t stay in place, so sports bras with a racer back or wide band design are great for a large bust. Racerback designs are more likely to stay put than traditional bra designs, and even wide bands are better than a narrow-banded bra. If you have a large bust and the sports bra you’re looking at doesn’t have a racer back or wide band design, move on to a different bra.

Best Large Cup Sports Bra
Realistically, the best large cup sports bra is a subjective question. La Breeza, for example, makes a couple of great sports bras for large-busted women, but they’re not the only option. Goddess also makes some sports bras for large busts, and many of the popular bra designers that we carry have a sports line that includes offerings for large busts.

The Enell Sports Bra is popular and was seen on Oprah, but Shock Absorber also makes a great sports bra and many of the sports bras offered by our manufacturers are great for large-busted women. The key is finding a sports bra that has a design you like and the design features you need for support and to prevent bounce. Realistically, the best sports bra for high-activity lifestyles is the one that you’ll wear, and will hold you in place while you exercise.

Which large cup sports bra is your favorite?

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