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Finding the Best Plus Size Nursing Bras

Plus size nursing bras provide the support and convenience you need when you start nursing. Women who wear plus size maternity bras may have problems finding their bras in a regular retail store, so the question of where to buy plus size nursing bras can become a big hassle. Big Girls’ Bras takes the hassle out of shopping for plus size maternity bras and nursing bras and even plus size maternity swimwear by carrying a full range of designers in plus sizes. What should you be looking for in plus size nursing bras?

Characteristics of Nursing Bras
Nursing bras present some unique design challenges. They must accommodate changing breast sizes as your breasts swell with milk during breastfeeding. They must provide ample support as your breasts become heavier with milk. They should be made with soft materials to accommodate your sensitive breasts and nipples. The design should be easy to open one-handed for nursing, and should not cause binding which can prevent the flow of breast milk. Many nursing bras also support inserts or pads to help minimize leaking.

Drop cup designs are helpful in nursing bras, as they provide support while still making the breastfeeding process easy. Most drop cups can be opened one-handed, and many drop cup designs accommodate the desire to preserve modesty while feeding.

Plus Size Nursing Bras
Nursing bras for plus size women present some additional design challenges. Support is a real must-have for plus size women, who may already be experiencing discomfort from the pregnancy. Nursing bras for plus size women should have larger cups and a nice, wide band to provide support across the back. Wide, padded straps are also helpful in plus size maternity bras and nursing bras, as they help distribute the weight of the bust and prevent the straps from cutting into the skin. Maternity bras for larger women are typically designed with a robust support system focused on providing comfort and ample support.

Finding the Right Plus Size Nursing Bras
Buying online from retailers like Big Girls’ Bras helps to eliminate the difficulty of finding good, stylish plus-size nursing bras. Big Girls’ Bras carries a broad range of nursing bras from popular designers, including several which provide plus size maternity underwear. As a bonus, when you buy from one of our popular designers, you can often find plus maternity panties or seamless maternity panties to match the bras. Just because you’re a mother-to-be doesn’t mean you can’t still look sexy!

Fancee Free offers maternity and nursing bras for larger women, with good support, large cup sizes and large band sizes. Elomi is one of the number one designers of plus size bras for maternity and nursing. Elomi offers a great blend of discrete, functionality and support, along with flattering design options. Anita is one of our best nursing and maternity bra designers, and many Anita designs are available in plus sizes. Goddess is also a popular brand, with a good range of bras at a decent value.

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