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Finding the Perfect Halloween Costume as an Adult


As a child, Halloween is the perfect excuse to dream big and become anyone you want to be for a few hours on a special night. As an adult, Halloween doesn’t have to be any different! Just because you’re too old for Trick-or-Treat doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the opportunity to transform yourself into something special and unique for a Halloween party, or even to greet the neighborhood kids at the door when they come looking for goodies! So how do you find the perfect Halloween costume as an adult?

Think about a Look, and Where You’re Going to Wear It
To start the process of picking out the perfect Halloween costume, first you have to think about the kind of look you want to go for, and where you intend to wear it. A lot of adult Halloween costumes these days have gone with the “sexy” angle – sexy witch, sexy nurse, or sexy doctor to name a few. While a sexy look can be fun if you plan to stay in with your special someone, it isn’t necessarily the right call for an office Halloween party, or greeting neighborhood kids as they come Trick-or-Treating.

So think about the kind of look you want, and where you’ll be wearing it. If you’re going to a Halloween party with friends or co-workers, you might want to go with a humorous costume, a pop-culture-related costume, or even something slightly intellectual and cerebral. If you’re going to dress up to take your kids Trick-or-Treating and make it a fun family holiday, something like a favorite movie or children’s cartoon character might go over well.

Also keep in mind the temperature of wherever you’ll be, and how warm the costume will feel. If you’ll be outdoors on Halloween, it’s typically cool in much of the US, so you might want a look that will work with a coat (or one that includes long sleeves and warm clothes!) If you’re going to be in a warm, climate-controlled building, on the other hand, with a bunch of other people, full-body costumes like mascot or animal costumes can get really hot, really fast.

Need Ideas? Check Pinterest!
If nothing in particular jumps out at you as a good idea, Pinterest has some great Halloween-related boards that should serve as fabulous inspiration for people who want to create the perfect Halloween look! It doesn’t stop there, though. The Web is full of costume ideas – even Martha Stewart has a slideshow about her favorite Halloween costumes for adults! Themed costumes are great – think TV show, movie, or pop-culture – but there are even a few DIY costumes you can do with stuff that’s already in your closet, or inexpensive items you can buy at Marshall’s or your favorite low-price department store!

What’s the key to a perfect Halloween look, though? Don’t underestimate what you wear beneath it! Join us tomorrow as we look at the perfect bras to wear under your fabulous Halloween costumes!

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