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Finding a Plus Size T Shirt Bra

Finding any type of plus-size bra without going to a specialty retailer can be a challenge. Many stores only carry up to a size 38 band in their regular departments, and even stores that cater to fuller-figured women often have a limited selection of bras available. Fortunately, Big Girls’ Bras carries a full range of bra sizes and styles, making it easy to find a plus size t-shirt bra!

Guide to a Good Bra for T-Shirt
If you don’t already know about them, t-shirt bras are designed to be practically invisible under your t-shirt. These bras come with seamless, molded cups that provide natural shaping without being obvious under your clingy or cotton shirts. T-shirt bras are often made of smooth materials designed to blend in without being noticed, and may have padded cups to avoid showing the nipples through the shirt. Some t-shirt bras are specifically designed to avoid notice under your t-shirt, while others are designed with other purposes in mind, and simply double as t-shirt bras because of seamless cups or other t-shirt-friendly characteristics.

Shopping for Plus Size Bras
Fuller-figured women have a range of bust sizes. Some women who wear plus size clothing sizes have proportionally large busts, and need large-busted bras to provide ample support. Other plus-size women wear plus sizes because of specific problem areas, but have otherwise typical bust sizes. No matter what your size, Big Girls’ Bras has plus-size bras in a band and cup combination that will work for you.

Keep in mind that many women wear the wrong bra size, and it’s important to measure yourself to determine what bra size you should be wearing. You may find that you’re wearing the wrong band size or cup size. Our handy fitting guide can help you find the right bra size for you, and keep in mind that as you go up in band sizes, you may go down in cup sizes, or vice versa.

Best T-Shirt Bra for Plus Size Women
Finding the best t-shirt bra for plus size women is largely a subjective question. Finding a t shirt bra plus size isn’t difficult at Big Girls’ Bras, making it possible to search for the design or style you like the best. You can find plunge bra styles, full-coverage bras or whatever style you like in our t-shirt bra collection page.

One popular t-shirt bra for plus sizes that’s also popular among customers in other size ranges is the Le Mystere Dream Tisha T-Shirt bra. Chantelle also makes the C Chic Tshirt Bra that comes in regular and plus sizes, accommodating women in a broad range of band and cup sizes. If you prefer a little more embellishment, check out the Femi Fashion Underwire T-Shirt Bra, with elegant lace detailing. No matter what style and design you like best, or what size you wear, you’ll find a great selection of t-shirt bras so you can find the perfect bra for you.

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