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Find the Right Corset Bra for Wedding Dress: Popular Size Guide

Va Bien Ultra-Lift Seamless Cup Invisible Bones Bridal Bustier 1503Because bra sizes are such a personal thing, there’s no “best corset bra for wedding dress” – there’s no one-size-fits-all bra solution. The best bra for you depends on your bra size, your cup size, the bra design and style and what works with your body and your dress. There’s no such thing as a “best” bra, but here are a few popular brand selections for some common searches and questions we get here at Big Girls’ Bras:

The Best (or Most Popular) Picks for Common Bridal Corset Bra Searches at Big Girls’ Bras:

Best Corset Bra for Large Cup Size:
The Goddess lace bridal bustier bra is one of our most popular corset bras for large cup sizes. This Goddess bridal bra offers cup sizes through FF; one of the largest cup sizes we have in bridal lingerie.

Va Bien Bridal Backless Strapless Molded Long Torso Bustier 513Best Long Line Bra Corset Shaper:
One of our most popular long line bra corset shapers is the Va Bien bridal backless strapless molded long torso bustier. This bustier provides invisible strapless control, and the extra-long bodice provides full-coverage body shaping, including hip coverage, in a very low V back.

Best Corset with Underwire Bra for Large Bust:
The Elomi lace longline underwire bra is a popular choice of underwire bra for women with large busts. The Elomi underwire bra is available in cup sizes up to H for large-busted women.

Best Longline Bra for Corset Style Wedding Dress:
The Felina bustier is an excellent choice longline bra for corset style wedding dress. The Felina bustier is seam-free, and it hides brilliantly under a corset-style wedding dress, while at the same time providing shape, support and comfort.

30 G Bridal Corset Bra:
Unfortunately, 30 g is a difficult bra size and none of our manufacturers make a bridal corset bra in a 30 G. However, Elomi makes a bridal corset bra in 32 G, and several of our manufacturers make full-coverage bras in 30 G if you don’t specifically need a corset-style bra.

38DD Minimizer White Corset Bra:
Several of our manufacturers offer white corset bras in this size; Le Mystere is one popular brand in a 38dd bridal bra, which comes in both white and ivory. The Le Mystere bridal seduction bustiers offers seamless shaping and a flattering line sure to look great under your wedding dress.

46C Bridal Corset Bra:
Dominique makes some excellent bridal corset bras in 46c, including the Dominique Strapless bridal full-figure satin torsolette and the Dominique bridal full-figure lace torsolette. These bridal corset bras offer excellent support and flattering shaping for the fuller-figured woman.

Contact Us for Help with Your Bra Size
Keep in mind that bras are not a one-size-fits-all solution. You want your bridal bra to look its best, so you need to find the right bra design and style in your size. These are just a few popular or hard-to-find searches in the corset bra for wedding dress category; if you need help finding the right bra for your size and needs, feel free to contact us!

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