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Find the Right Bra to Become an Empowered You!

Can a bra make a difference in how you feel about yourself, your confidence levels and even your success? You bet! It may sound silly, but finding the right bra can be the key to liberating yourself and freeing yourself to become the most powerful version of yourself. How can a bra make such a big difference? The right bra is like a power suit, a favorite pair of jeans or the perfect hair day – it can boost your self-esteem, fill you with confidence and give you the freedom to tackle your biggest challenges!

Society and Beauty
Whether you agree with it or not, there’s no denying society places a huge premium on looking good. The most successful people are always impeccably groomed; typically wearing stylish clothes that make them look great no matter what they’re doing. Even if you hate the societal emphasis on looking good, many of us feel better about ourselves when we know we look good. It’s programmed into us on a fundamental level that’s just difficult to overcome, even if we have the mental capacity to question this attitude and want to make a shift in our thinking.

Even if you try to escape this reasoning in your day-to-day life, it’s still important to look good for special occasions. Job interviews. First dates. Wedding days. We go to great lengths to get dolled up and look good for these occasions. Maybe you even make this kind of effort in your every day life.


Because there’s a secret to looking good: if you know you look good, you exude confidence. When you exude confidence, you can conquer the world!

Conventional Beauty vs. Looking Good
Society has a perfect ideal of what beauty is. A certain nose, dimples, lips of just the right fullness, hair just so, striking eye color; conventional beauty is, to a large degree, something you’re born with or you lack. But there’s a big difference between conventional beauty and looking good. Women who are conventionally beautiful may look downright unattractive if they don’t keep their hair neat and tidy, wear well-fitted clothes and make an effort with their appearance.

On the flip side, even women who lack the features of “conventional beauty” can look great if they pay attention to their appearance. Clothes that fit well, a flattering hairstyle and even a subtle application of makeup can make a huge difference. The right look can transform an “average” person to an attractive individual that other people want to be around. Take a look at many of the most successful people in the world, and you’ll find that they often lack “conventional” beauty but they look good because they make an effort.

The effort starts from the bottom out. You can’t look great in your clothes unless you have the right undergarments. A well-fitted bra that is designed for the style of shirt you’re wearing is a big start. If your bra is too big or isn’t meant to go with the type of clothes you’re wearing, your bust may look droopy, your waistline may suffer and you’ll simply appear less attractive. Match the right style of bra, the right size and the right cut and shape for you with well-fitted clothes and you’ll look great. Know you look great, and you can conquer the world!

Check out our bra types and our bra fit and sizing chart to get started! And then pair your perfect bra up with a great outfit and you may just find the confidence to ask for that raise, ask that cute guy out or go to the bank to apply for a small business loan. The world is your oyster!

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