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Find the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Winter Getaway!

In much of the country, swimming season is over, and we’re just waiting for snow. In other parts of the country, swim season is year-round. Whether you can walk out your back door to the pool and swim, or whether you’re planning for your winter warm-weather getaway, Big Girls’ Bras is happy to help you get your perfect swimsuit! And with our 20% off coupon for any in-stock items – which expires on Sunday, November 20th – now is the perfect time to get your new swimsuit!

Not sure where to start? Check out our most popular swimsuits, and make sure you get your new swimwear before this great sale ends!

Find a Swimsuit that Fits Your Frame
Ladies, here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’re happy to help you find the perfect swimsuit for your body. We know that not all women are alike, and finding the right fit means finding the right swimsuit for your frame! Some women have longer torsos; some women have shorter torsos. Some women have a small band size but large cup size, and other women have curves all over and want the right swimsuit to make them look and feel great. No matter your body style, we’ve got the right swimsuits for your frame!

Tips for Finding a Swimsuit for Your Torso Length
Whether you’ve got a short torso or a long torso, there’s one tip to keep in mind: two piece swimsuits fit every torso length. Bikinis are great, because they’re not dependent on your torso length. But even if you want more coverage than a bikini can provide, our tankini swimsuits might be a great choice for you. Most of our tankinis end near the waist, and we have some longer tankini swimsuits in style if you’re worried about a short tankini being too short for you.

But these may be a better choice if you have a shorter-than-average or a longer-than-average torso, because you don’t have to worry about fitting into a swimsuit made for some body style that isn’t your own. Alternately, we do have some swimsuits that are good for women with short or long torsos – just check out what other women have to say in our reviews. Also, body length is one of the most common questions we get on our swimsuits, so check out the Q&A section for the swimsuit you’re interested in to see if someone has already answered a question about body length that might apply to you.

Cup Size Swimsuits for the Best Fit!
One thing you’ll notice if you’ve never bought a cup-size swimsuit before is how dramatic the difference in fit will be. If you have a cup size that’s bigger than a C or D cup, you’ve probably had trouble fitting into swimsuits properly for years. Cup size swimsuits help you ensure you get the fabric you need to cover your bust properly, and most of our cup size swimsuits have great support features built-in to help you look and feel your best – no matter what your cup size!

Browse our complete swimsuit collection to find your perfect swimsuit, use the coupon code “cabot” at checkout to make your purchase and save 20% off in-stock items! $100 minimum – coupon expires November 20. Hurry, ladies!

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