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Feeling Creatively Blocked? Change Your Clothes!


Have you ever wondered how creative people can be so darn creative all the time? Have you felt blocked from achieving your goals, or just didn’t have the energy and motivation to undertake a creative task? You might be shocked by how easy it can be to change your mindset and get your creative juices flowing. One creative expert recently revealed that when she’s feeling creatively blocked, she changes her clothes! Is it really that simple?

A Change in Clothes Signals a Change in Mindset
Believe it or not, changing your clothes can have huge psychological benefits on your mindset. Think about your wardrobe. What do you wear to work? Do you ever feel like wearing those work clothes out and about, or do you have an entirely different wardrobe for your “free” time?

We have different clothes for different parts of our lives – in part, because of the mental signal of switching from one mindset to another.

If you’re like most people, work is something you have to do Monday through Friday to earn money. You view it as a way to pay bills. Maybe you’re even good at your job, and take pride in doing it. But surprisingly few people actively enjoy their work. Most people view work as a “chore” – something they’re “forced” to do in order to make money and live their lives. Putting on the work outfit becomes akin to dressing for punishment. It’s no wonder that most of us come right home and change into something else.

What about your casual time? Do you have different clothes you wear for running errands or doing work around the house? What would you wear for a “fun” event, like going out to lunch with your girlfriends? Putting on those clothes involves subtle mental signals, too – yoga pants that you put on at the end of the day might signal relaxation, or a fun shirt and skirt might tell your brain “time to go have fun!”

Once you understand how clothes impact your mental state, you can actually use this mental shift to boost your creativity! Find a fun or funky outfit that gets your creative juices flowing. Ideally, it will be something you wouldn’t wear for any other activity. Maybe it’s a funky t-shirt. Maybe it’s a pair of comfy pajamas. Try out different combinations and see what makes you feel most creative. Then, whenever you need a boost of creativity, just change your clothes!

Free Yourself from Constraints to Boost Creativity
There are some practical considerations to the idea of clothing as a creative boost, too. Some creative types, like artists and writers, say that any sort of physical discomfort distracts them from the creative process. This means that if you’ve got a bra with an underwire that’s poking into you, or if your “going out” jeans are slightly too tight, they can be distracting you and undermine your creative process. Most people find it easiest to be creative when they aren’t being distracted by physical constraints or discomfort.

Try to put together the most comfortable “creative outfit” you can find. Maybe it means trying a sleep leisure bra, wearing a pair of yoga pants or investing in a pair of fuzzy slippers. When you release your mind from physical distractions, it’s free to go create the next masterpiece!

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