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Features in Full Figure Nursing Bras: Nursing Bra Help Guide

Need nursing bra help to find the best full-figure nursing bras? As with other types of bras, nursing bras offer a dizzying range of selection, options and features. Which ones are important, and which ones are just marketing talk? If you’re looking for nursing bras for fuller figures, here are the must-have features you should be evaluating when you’re shopping for nursing bras for fuller figures:

Adjustable Cups.
Throughout your pregnancy, and particularly as you begin nursing, your breasts are going to grow in size. As your body begins producing milk, your breasts will swell; in some cases, up to a cup size. One of the most useful features in nursing bras is adjustable cups. Many nursing bras have adjustable tabs or multiple sets of hook-and-eye closures so you can make the cup as large as you need it to be on a particular day, without having to buy a bigger bra.

Adjustable Band.
Theoretically, all bras come with adjustable bands, because they all have multiple sets of hook-and-eye closures. Look for a nursing bra that closes and supports you easily on the middle hook setting. That way, the bra can expand with you as you grow, and you can adjust it down again as needed. Some nursing bras also have additional adjustments in the band which can be helpful as your size fluctuates.

Wide Straps.
Wide straps are important in bras for fuller-figure women, but they’re vital in nursing bras for fuller figures. Narrow straps can cut into your shoulders, and they don’t distribute the weight of your breasts as well as wide straps. Look for wide straps in your nursing bras; padded straps provide extra comfort.

Convenient Open/Closing.
This is a function of nursing bras, and isn’t particular to nursing bras for fuller-figure women, but look for nursing bras that provide convenient open and closing features. Some nursing bras can be operated one-handed, which makes it easy to open and close the bra while breastfeeding and holding your baby.

Comfortable Materials.
Comfortable, soft materials are a must for nursing mothers with sensitive breasts. Soft materials, such as microfiber and cotton, are less likely to irritate your breasts or cause discomfort. Some of these materials also have stretch sections built in for added comfort. Look for these.

Wider as Size Increases.
Some full-figure nursing bras don’t just offer different band sizes and cup sizes as you scale up. Some plus size nursing bras actually offer wider cups as the band size increases, or wider straps that are reinforced at the shoulders as the size increases. These are excellent features for full-figured women.

Full-Figure Nursing Bras for All Occasions.
Look for full-figure nursing bras for all occasions. You’ll want sleep nursing bras, large bust maternity sports bra; any type of bra that you need for your daily activities. Wear the right bras during your pregnancy and nursing, and your body will thank you.

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