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Fauve Bras and Briefs: The Couture of Lingerie

Fauve is a brand known for its sumptuous fabrics and elegant styles. It’s also a brand under the Eveden Group umbrella, and those brands are our topic for the week. Fauve is a designer line, and it’s really taken the place of Rigby & Peller within the Eveden Group. If you love luxury and crave comfort, elegance and a stunning fit, Fauve is the brand for you.

Make No Mistake, Fauve is Luxe
It’s clear from the moment you look at it that Fauve isn’t a brand for the bargain hunter, or the woman seeking simple, inexpensive staples for her wardrobe. Fauve is luxe, elegant. The fabrics in a Fauve bra or brief are rich, comfortable and sumptuous. Fauve designs are feminine and elegant, with beautiful cuts and detailing designed to help you look your best.

All Fauve lingerie is made with careful attention to detail and high-quality construction, making these bras some of the finest you’ll ever own. And the fit on a Fauve bra is phenomenal, with fits so comfortable and flattering that you’ll feel like Fauve panties or bras were made just for you.

Fauve Bras Review
We all know that reviews are subjective, and what one woman loves may make another woman cringe. Fauve bras, however, are universally lauded by the women who wear them. Big Girls’ Bras has a review system where women can leave feedback and rate their bras. Fauve bras reviews on Big Girls’ Bras are all 4 and 5 star reviews, and women have nothing but good things to say about these bras. If you’re looking for a beautifully-designed bra, Fauve is it.

Keep in mind that Fauve is a UK-based brand, like many of the other brands that belong to the Eveden Group. This means that the Fauve sizing is based on UK cup sizes, not American sizing. Fauve sizing is consistent with other Eveden brands, so you can mix and match between the brands. Be sure to consult the Fauve sizing chart if you’re not sure what your UK size should be.

Like other Eveden brands, Fauve offers many of its bras in multiple fit and coverage options. The Fauve Amelie Bra, for example, comes in both a full-coverage and a balcony bra option so you can select the bra for you. The Fauve Anya bra also comes in a full-cup and padded plunge option, giving you room to pick and choose your favorite style. Another popular option is the Fauve Brianna bra in a full-cup option. Browse our Fauve bra collection and decide which Fauve bra is your favorite.

Fauve Panties and Briefs: Matching Fauve Lingerie
Fauve is designed as the couture of lingerie, and no Fauve bra would be complete without matching Fauve panties or Fauve briefs. Fauve offers briefs and panties to coordinate with each of its bra options, giving women the ability to create the complete Fauve lingerie. Fauve briefs and panties come in various cuts and styles, with detailing that complements their coordinating bras. Many of the Fauve panties and briefs include sheer panels to add a hint of mystique and allure. Fauve briefs and panties are the perfect complement to Fauve bras to create a complete lingerie look.

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