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Fashion Week Wraps Up in New York

If you follow fashion, you know that the past week was Fashion Week in New York. Fashion Week comes to New York twice a year; in the spring, when designers show off their fall collections, and in the fall, when designers show their collections for the following spring. This year, designers have set the tone for a spring full of bright colors, bold prints and transport back in time to an earlier era of fashion – with a modern twist. Ready for a sneak preview of what you’ll see in Spring 2012?

Fashion Week Sets the Tone for Clothing Styles
If you’re not familiar with Fashion Week, it’s useful to note that Fashion Week sets the tone for clothing styles and trends. People who aren’t familiar with fashion may assume that if they can’t afford designers’ runway collections, Fashion Week is irrelevant to them. This simply isn’t true. Fashion Week has a trickle-down effect that influences fashion styles and trends even in mass-market fashion. Whether you shop in designer stores in New York or at chain stores in your local mall, you’ll see the influence of fashion week in your clothing options.

Nothing New in Fashion
Some critics lament that there’s never anything new in fashion, and this isn’t too far off the mark. When designers create their collections, they typically draw inspiration from a specific era, region or style that has already come and gone in the fashion world. This week’s Fashion Week showed designers revisiting the ‘20s, the ‘40s and the ‘60s, with a few designers delving into Retro trends and styles.

Ralph Lauren launched a very well-received homage to the ‘20s, featuring wide-legged suits, dresses modeled and cut in ‘20s styles and Deco beading and styling that evokes images of ‘20s fashion. His collection features a feminine hint of a ruffle in a floral print; optic-white menswear suits – a balance of simple shapes with glamorous details. A women’s dress, for example, might be paired with a beaded bag or ostrich feather scarf to add a hint of outrageous to these understated shapes and cuts. These classic lines evoke the halcyon days of the “Great Gatsby” era, but with modern fabrics and a modern twist on many of the styles.

Calvin Klein, on the other hand, featured fluted and pleated skirts that evoke a ‘40s feel. Some of his designs feature long silk and jacquard coats worn like robes over skirts and slip dresses, creating a lingerie look. His collection is focused on quality fabrics and craftsmanship and uses interesting cuts to create flow and unique styles.

General Trends for 2012
Many of the Fashion Week designers debuted fascinating, intriguing looks that will hopefully find their way into every-day fashion for those of us whose wallets don’t support runway collections. But some of the general trends of Fashion Week include lots of color, and bright, rich colors for spring. Fashion Week featured many solids, but also a lot of rich prints, including floral prints and other playful takes on print styles, such as a tiger-print short. Mixing patterns and prints is officially IN for next spring’s designs. We’ll also see a lot of sporty clothes, and a lot of athletic detailing. Hopefully this sneak peak from Fashion Week will tide you over until spring arrives, and give you something to look forward to through winter!

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