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Fantasie Bras and Panties for Full-Busted Women

Fantasie of England is one of the original “Brit Brands” that Eveden gained access to when it signed an agreement with Rigby & Peller. Fantasie had a unique identity in England, and it came to the United States as a lingerie company designed for the full-busted woman. Fantasie carries many of the staples of the Eveden brands, and many Fantasie bras are ideal for every-day wear. Fantasie is also a surprising brand, though, with a unique look and comfortable feel that full-busted women love.

Fantasie Bras’ Unique Identity
Fantasie of England Bras have a unique identity within the Eveden family, and also compared to other brands. Fantasie bras carry many of the simple staples that women wear every day, but Fantasie also offers a fun and flirtatious flair to the women who wear them.

You’ll find a great selection of Fantasie of England molded t-shirt bras and strapless seamless bras, but you’ll also find playful designs and patterns and flattering cuts in Fantasie bras. Fantasie also does swimwear for the full-busted woman, helping you look great by the beach, under your every-day clothes or for that special occasion.

Popular Fantasie Bras
Fantasie bras offers full-busted women a lot of great choices in bras, underwear and swimwear. Some women like the Fantasie Kara Full-Coverage Bra, which offers an underwire and sidewings for extra support. The Fantasie Kara bra also features embroidered, three-section cups for a natural shape and flattering look. Kara also comes in an underwired balcony bra with flattering, lace-trimmed sheer-top cups for a more unique look.

The Fantasie Elodie bra is another popular choice. Elodie is a collection that celebrates femininity, and the Elodie bra shows it with beautiful embroidery, detailing on the straps and a sheer top cup for that peek of femininity. Want something different? Try the Fantasie Allure Bra. Fantasie offers a full-cup underwire bra in the Allure collection, and a molded balcony bra if you want a smooth cup with a plunge cut. Allure also offers matching briefs and underwear.

Another popular choice is the Fantasie Paige bra, which is a molded plunge bra. The Paige bra is at the end of its run here at Big Girls’ Bras, so if you’re looking for a Fantasie bra sale, Paige is a great choice.

Fantasie Bra Sizing
One important thing to note about Fantasie bras is that their sizing varies from American sizing. Fantasie is a UK-based lingerie company, and Fantasie bra sizing is different than standard American sizing. You’ll find that after DD, many of the Fantasie cup sizes are marked differently than American sizing. For example, women who wear Fantasie bras 40g might need a 40I in American sizing. Don’t just buy a Fantasie bra online without comparing the differences in sizing, or you might find yourself returning a bra that doesn’t fit properly. Check out the Fantasie bra sizing guide on our Fantasie Collections page for detailed information.

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