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Exploring Royce: A Brand with Something to Offer Every Stage of Life


When we find a bra we like, we tend to become very brand loyal. When the fit is just right, and you love the style, it’s easy for a great brand to find a soft spot in your heart. Unfortunately, though, not every brand can follow you through all the stages of your life. Your favorite brand for a hot, sexy cleavage bra when you’re in your 20s may not have the selection you want in a maternity bra in your 30s, or a comfortable, supportive full-coverage bra for when your focus changes from sexy to practical. This week, we’re going to take a look at a brand that has a lot to offer – for every stage in life! Come discover Royce, and see what happens when brand loyalty can follow you through your life!

Royce Bras for Juniors
A girl’s first bra is a special thing. We’re nervous about wearing a bra for the first time, but at the same time it’s a rite of passage. A juniors bra should be fun, playful and pretty, with a discreet and modest design that will build confidence – not cause embarrassment. Royce offers some great first bras for juniors – let your daughter discover the joy of wearing a bra for the first time with the security of a brand that can take her through her entire life!

Royce Bras for Everyday Comfort
When we’re a bit older, we begin to focus on comfort and practicality in an everyday bra. We may want a comfortable molded cup bra that will vanish under our work wardrobe, or maybe a pretty and feminine everyday bra that’s designed not to poke, prod, pinch or pull. Royce offers some great bras in its everyday comfort collection – bras that will give you the support you need without looking like a stodgy matron or an industrial torture device. If you value practicality paired with pretty, Royce bras for everyday comfort are perfect to take you through the next stage in life.

Royce Maternity and Nursing Bras
Becoming a mother is its own rite of passage. A woman’s body goes through dramatic changes as a child grows inside, and feeling comfortable and enjoying a practical design becomes even more important. Royce understands that a new mom is really focused on comfort, fit, and support – and a convenient, easy-to-use design. But Royce maternity and nursing bras are also made for moms who want to remember what it’s like to feel pretty and feminine, even when your new bundle of joy wakes you up at 4am and it feels like everything in your life is hectic and out of control. Enjoy the small things in a bra focused on fit and your mental peace of mind!

Royce Post-Surgery Bras
With a growing number of women facing breast cancer, breast reconstruction and breast reduction, Royce hasn’t forgotten these special women. The Royce post surgery bras are designed to be comfortable and practical, and to give you the continuity of knowing that a bra brand you’ve worn for years is prepared to see you through every stage of life. If you love the way a Royce bra fits, and you value its simple feminine details, it can be great for your mental state to be able to don a Royce bra after a traumatic or painful surgery.

Whether you’re just starting out with bras (or helping your daughter along the path to womanhood), or you’re well into your bra career – now is a great time to discover this special brand. Join us this week as we look at Royce bras in more detail, and become one of the women who discovers a comforting new brand loyalty!

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