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Experiment with Bra Options Before Breast Surgery

Breast surgery is a big step, but it’s one that many women take every year. Women undergo breast surgery for a variety of reasons. Some women feel that they need to conform to social norms or want to be more attractive, so they undergo breast augmentation surgery. Other women feel that their busts draw too much attention, cause medical problems and health complications or simply impede their every-day life, and get breast reduction surgery.

Unfortunately, some of these women undergo surgery when they could achieve their goals through less invasive methods. If you’re thinking about breast surgery, make sure you examine all of your bra options before you take the big plunge.

Properly Fitted Bras can Make a Huge Difference
Bra fit is something we emphasize over and over again for a variety of reasons. Realistically, finding a bra that fits properly can make the difference between needing surgery and not wanting it. A poorly-fitted bra can cause serious issues with your life. If your bra doesn’t fit properly, you could face everything from body issues to serious medical problems. Finding a bra that fits properly can relieve these issues without the need to resort to invasive surgery.

Bras can Enhance Your Bustline
Many women choose to undergo breast augmentation surgery to enhance their bustlines. Women choose to do this for a variety of reasons, from a desire to fit into society to improved performance at work. While breast augmentation may ultimately be the course that some of these women would choose, many women could realize the same benefits through the right bras.

Padded bras, push-up bras and other cleavage-enhancing bras can give the appearance of having a cup size larger, or more, without the need for surgery. You can also enhance your bustline by better utilizing what you have, including buying a more supportive bra that better displays your bust. While the bra option only works when you’re wearing the bra, it is often enough for women who want breast augmentation for better integration into society.

Minimizer Bras can Reduce Bust Size
If you’re considering surgery to reduce your bust size, you might not need it. Many women are fitted with the incorrect bra size, or simply wear the wrong bra size out of habit. The wrong bra can make your bust unflattering in a variety of ways. A poorly-fitted bra can make your breasts look droopy or saggy, or can cause your breasts to “overflow” the cups in an unflattering way.

Oftentimes, by finding a supportive bra with the correct fit, these issues are resolved and women can feel comfortable with their bustline. If it’s simply a matter that you want to reduce the size of your bust, try a minimizer bra. Minimizers can reduce your bra size by a cup size or more, and can help remove unwanted attention from your bust.

Supportive Bras can Reduce Strain and Medical Problems
If you’re considering breast reduction for medical reasons, examine your bra options prior to undergoing surgery. When you wear a properly supportive bra, the weight of your bust is carried entirely by your bra. In a poorly-fitted bra, your bust’s weight may be supported by your shoulders and straps, which can cause shoulder pain, headaches and other medical problems. Try relieving your symptoms with a good supportive bra before you pursue surgery.

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