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Enell Sports Bra Featured in Shape Magazine


Do you follow Shape Magazine? If you do, you probably noticed Enell featured in Shape last month! Enell made it into the lineup of “Best Sports Bra for D+ Cups” – which, really, is just the latest in a long line of accolades received by “Oprah’s favorite” sports bra. Since we’re looking at new evolutions in bra design vs. the tried-and-true, this seems like the perfect time to really dig into the Enell bra and see why it’s so great – and how it’s different from a traditional sports bra.

Traditional Sports Bra Design
Ok, do you remember 10 or 15 years ago when you’d go shopping for a sports bra in your local department store? The only thing you could find on the shelves was those ubiquitous cotton pull-over sports bras. If you’re big-busted, like me, it was always a major hassle to pull them over the boobs – and the sizing never seemed to work properly. It always had to be super giant to fit over the boobs at all (and it was tough to find super giant cotton pull over bras) – and if you did find something big enough to fit over the boobs, it invariably failed to provide any support at all.

These types of bra designs are “compression” style sports bras – the idea is that they work by squishing your boobs. But if you’re big busted, you know the traditional cotton pull over doesn’t work at all! Most of us have found ourselves wearing two or three of these sports bras – at the same time – to have any hint of support. And even that was imperfect.

The Advent of Bra-Sized Sports Bras
Happily, bra designers in the past decade or so have finally figured out that even the big-busted among us would like a good sports bra! So they finally began giving us bra-sized sports bras. And encapsulation sports bras, which didn’t just create one big uni-boob – and provided better support. And sports bras that closed like a regular bra, or offered a front closure, so we didn’t have to try to tug them down over our heads and breasts and we could actually find a sports bra that would fit and work!

Huzzah! I say in this case, bra evolution definitely beats out the tried-and-true pullover sports bra.

Enell: The Next Step in Sports Bra Evolution
Enell is a sports bra that really nailed the next step in bra evolution. The Enell bra was one of the first sports bras that really provided support and bounce control for the big-busted among us! This bra is designed with features like extra back support to help accommodate the weight of larger breasts, and a multi-part cup that makes room for the breasts while still holding them snug and reasonably bounce-free! The Enell bra is made with a fabric that still holds its shape and support after it gets wet – unlike the cotton bras that start to stretch and sag when they get sweaty. And! The front closure makes it easy to put it on!

There’s no question that the Enell bra – and other modern evolutions of the sports bra – have come a long way since those crappy department store pull over bras. Celebrate the active woman in you by treating yourself to a new and improved sport bra!

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