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Elegant Swimwear Options for Full-Busted Women

Every designer has a unique style, and those styles each have a time and a place. If you’re an elegant fashionista wearing your swimwear poolside at the highest of high-end hotels and events, you’ll want a very different look from the flirty beach bunny. Here at Big Girls’ Bras, we’ve got swimwear for every look and style. Fuller-figured woman in need of an elegant swimsuit? No problem. Big-busted woman looking for a fashionable piece of swimwear? We’ve got it. Check out some of our favorite designers for the elegant looks that will fit your body.

Don’t Limit Your Swimwear Search
If you’re looking for big busted swimsuits that would fit in with a five-star resort, we can help. It can be difficult to find large bust swimsuits, and even harder to find swimsuits suited to elegant occasions or fashionable settings. If you need something more discerning than a beach bunny’s bikini, check out some of these elegant swimwear options from our popular designers. Remember: don’t confine your search to these options; they’re just starting points for your hunt. Want more swimwear options? Browse our entire swimwear collection to find just the right look and fit for you.

Tara Grinna Swimwear
Tara Grinna swimsuits look great no matter what you’re doing or where you’re doing it. The Tara Grinna Frantic collection offers plenty of great elegant options no matter what cut or style you prefer. For more modest coverage, try the Tara Grinna Frantic One Piece Bandeau with Spit Overlay Swimsuit, or the Tara Grinna Frantic Bandeau Tankini Top. The Tara Grinna Frantic Swimsuit Halter Tankini lets you show off your cleavage a bit more while still offering stomach coverage.

Looking for something a little smaller? Try the Tara Grinna Frantic Fixed Band Halter Bikini Top or the Tara Grinna Frantic Bandeau with Wide Set Straps Bikini Top for a little less coverage.

Tara Grinna also has some other great swimsuit options with different color schemes or patterned material to match your personality and your style.

Check Out our Popular Designers

Some of our favorite designers have collections that offer a lot of variety to our customers. Fantasie swimsuits and Freya swimwear are both collections that offer a lot of different looks depending on what you want.

Fantasie swimwear offers a couple of lovely one-piece underwire swimsuits that can be dressed up or down, including the Fantasie Madrid One Piece Underwire Twist Front Swimsuit and the Fantasie of England Bahamas One Piece Underwire Swim Suit. We’re also having a swimsuit sale on a couple of Fantasie swimsuit collections that are great elegant looks, but supplies are limited: check out the Seattle collection and the Corsica collection.

Freya has the Freya SuperNova One Piece Underwire Bandeau Suit which gives you a fun and creative look which fits in well in a wide range of settings.

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