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Eight Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas

It’s the day we’ve all been looking forward to (or dreading!) – Valentine’s Day is tomorrow! Looking for something unique to do to celebrate your love? Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about expensive gifts and fancy dinner reservations. Bring romance to your day through these gestures designed to show your lover that you really care.

Write Little Love Notes
Leave little love notes waiting for your special someone. Finding a note in a book, a briefcase, a pocket or the kitchen cabinet is a great, romantic way to surprise your SO with a sweet gesture.

Take Turns Being Romantic
Most people wish their special someone would be more romantic, but no-one wants romance in a relationship to be one-sided. Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day once, make it a week-long celebration and take turns being romantic; one of you is romantic on even days, and one on odd days.

Do Things Differently
Don’t great your hunny the way you normally would. Change things up. If you’re the one at home first, greet your special someone with a cold drink and a sexy outfit. Or if you come home second, ring the doorbell and surprise your special someone with a rose or a bottle of champaign or wine to share. Little changes to routine can demonstrate you’re thinking of someone and going out of your way to be romantic.

Scavenger Hunt Gift
If you’re giving your special someone a Valentine’s Day gift, don’t just wrap it and hand it over. Wrap each part of the gift individually, and hide it around the house with little notes. Write something sweet on each note, and give a clue as to the next location. Not a multi-part gift? Give a card or hand-written note with the first scavenger hunt clue, and instead of putting parts of the gift around your house, write things you love about your special someone on each note, along with a clue for the next one, leading up to the final clue and gift. It’s a fun and romantic way to share a gift with your special someone.

Dress Up for Dinner at Home
Dressing up isn’t just for going out. You can have a very romantic dinner in with your special someone by dressing up. Gals – wear a nice dress. Gentlemen – put on a suit. Dressing for dinner makes it feel different and special compared to the normal routine – and it gives you something to take off, afterward.

Take a Stroll
Taking a stroll through a nearby park or garden can be a very romantic gesture. Hold hands, take your time, and talk with your special someone. Enjoy the ability to relax and just be with one another.

Turn Off the TV
TV is the biggest distraction most relationships. Unplug it for Valentine’s Day. Spend time with your special someone without the TV. Try going a week with no TV, and see how your relationship rekindles.

Celebrate a Day Early
“The unasked-for gift is most appreciated. The surprise gift is most cherished.” Get a jump on Valentine’s Day and do something romantic to surprise your special someone today! It’s easy to be romantic one day a year, when it’s expected. Be romantic when it’s unexpected, and watch your relationship bloom!

What’s your favorite romantic gesture? What will you be doing for Valentine’s Day this year? How do you celebrate your love? We’d love to hear your thoughts, and from all of us here at Big Girls’ Bras, we hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!

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