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Don’t Sweat Swimsuit Shopping This Year!

For most women, swimsuit shopping is something we approach with mixed feelings. We always hold out hope of finding that perfect bikini, tankini or one-piece swimsuit that will make us look awesome, but we hate the process of trying on swimsuits and being reminded of all the ways we’re unhappy with ourselves. This year, we’d like to remind you to take a step back and try not to sweat your swimsuit shopping experience! It’s all-too-easy to fall into those emotional traps, but swimsuit shopping doesn’t have to be a traumatic experience.

We Put Too Much Emphasis on How We Look!
We all want to look good. We’re bombarded with images of perfect bodies on magazine covers, tv shows and all over the Internet. We’ve all got that friend who always seems to look perfect, and whom we’re secretly (or not-so-secretly!) envious of. It’s hard not to fall into the trap of judging ourselves, but we don’t have to put so much emphasis on how we look!

The truth of the matter is – swimsuit shopping (or any kind of shopping, really) only has as much power over us as we give it. When we worry less about how we look, the stress just melts away! It may seem impossible to try not to think about how we look so much, but if you can master the art of thinking about it less, you’ll find your life a lot happier.

Flattering Swimsuit Designs can Help Minimize Body Issues
If you just can’t face the beach or pool with worries about your body image, flattering swimsuit designs can help you mitigate the things you don’t like about your body.

Have problems with your midsection? Aerin Rose, Magic Suit and MiracleSuit make some great one-piece swimsuits that can help you camouflage common body image issues in this area.

Feel embarrassed to changes to your breasts after giving birth or breast feeding? Freya and Tara Grinna offer some great supportive bikini tops with underwires and fabulous designs that can help you look your best!

Wear a different size on top and bottom? Sunsets, Sunsets Woman and Swim Systems offer great mix-and-match options that make it easy for you to customize your swimsuit fit to get the perfect look for your body.

Remember: you don’t have to stress about it, but if there is something you just have to hide, one of our brands will offer a flattering swimsuit to help you get past problem areas.

People Aren’t as Judgmental as We are on Ourselves!
No matter what you think of your body, the reality is that most of us judge ourselves far more harshly than we judge others! How often have you thought your friend looked super cute in a particular outfit, while you felt dowdy or bloated or otherwise displeased with yourself? Chances are good your friend was admiring you, too, and thinking the same thing about herself! We all tend to be much more forgiving of other people, and much too critical of ourselves. So the next time you look in the mirror, remind yourself that no-one else is noticing every little detail of your body the way you are. We’re all just happy to see our friends and spend time in the sun!


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