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Don’t be Afraid of Larger Cup Sizes

Yesterday, we took a look at a major lingerie retailer that was squeezing women’s breasts into bras too small for them. Today, we’re taking a look at popular reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her photo shoot for W Magazine last fall. While this reality TV celeb is at the center of today’s post, it isn’t about her full frontal nudity or the silver body paint she was wearing – at least not directly. Today we’re going to talk about what bra size the article claimed that Kim wore – and why they lied about it.

Kim Kardashian – as a DD?
In this image from KK’s infamous photo shoot – and the more explicit photos we won’t post here – her full bust is quite evident. Anyone who knows anything about women’s breasts can see that she’s definitely not a DD as the article claims. In fact, industry experts claim that Kim is at least 5 cup sizes larger – a 32GG! So why would she – or her publicist – lie about her bra size? Is there a reason she wouldn’t want her real size to leak out to the media? Unfortunately, there is – and you might be surprised by it.

Perception of Large Cup Sizes
Breast size is a tricky subject here in the United States. The media makes much of big breasts – a woman with a small waist and big breasts is considered voluptuous and sexy. In pinup posters, the women almost always have large cup sizes.

But the reality? The reality is far different. Many “average” women – i.e. women who aren’t supermodels or celebrities of some type – find large breasts to be more of a hassle than an asset. Many women with truly large cup sizes turn to breast reduction surgery to downsize their assets. Full breasts are heavy, and can cause back problems, neck strain and muscle tension headaches if women aren’t wearing good, supportive bras with them. They can make it difficult to exercise, because it’s tough to contain breasts that large in high-bounce activities. And many of the women who have full busts simply don’t like the attention it garners.

In terms of talking about bust sizes, there’s more unexpected contradiction. While the media and our society make much of big breasts as a desirable thing, when you start talking about cup sizes larger than DD, you may be looking at a negative perception. Cup sizes above that tend to evoke a mental image of oversized, fat or floppy breasts. While the reality of many of the big breasts on pinup posters and celebs is definitely above DD, talking about it is a bit of a faux pas.

Embrace Your Cup Size
It’s time to let the world know that a great many women have cup sizes larger than DD. Embrace your cup size. For one thing, it makes a huge difference to wear a bra with the appropriate band and cup size. If you’re trying to squeeze your breasts into cups that are too small, you aren’t getting the support you need, and you may be causing your breasts to look bigger or wider or otherwise unflattering. By wearing the appropriate bra size, you can actually look better, feel thinner and be a lot more comfortable. So don’t be afraid of larger cup sizes! Find out what your cup size ACTUALLY is! You may just find you don’t mind your large breasts too much after all.

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