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Do You Wear a Bra? Bras in the Western World

The bra has a 3,000 year history stretching back into ancient times, but it’s role in modern society is today’s topic. Over the years, variations of the bra have been lauded as a brilliant device and reviled as a symbol of oppression. In a 1968 feminist protest, hundreds of women burned bras as “ludicrous inventions” that reduced women to sex objects. But market research from the same era revealed that women didn’t view bras as symbols of oppression; instead, they valued them as a means to look beautiful.

Since that time, bras have played roles as practical garments, means of attraction and luxury items. They became socially acceptable as swimwear in the introduction of the bikini, and have undergone yet more evolution. One thing is certain: in the Western world, the majority of women wear bras. How does a bra fit into your lifestyle?

Bras as a Sexy Indulgence
Many women today view bras as a sexy indulgence, a sort of luxury item that comes in a variety of styles that make you feel beautiful and sexy no matter what you’re wearing on the outside.

Many business women wear sexy lingerie and flattering, lacy bra styles under business suits. This provides a way to feel feminine in what is still seen in many ways to be a “man’s world” and can make women feel empowered knowing that while they may be complying with corporate policy on the outside, they’re wearing something unique and sexy underneath.

Women wear sexy bras for special occasions; for the appreciation of their significant others; and just to feel sexy every day.

Bras in a Practical Role
Women don’t just wear bras for sex appeal. Many women also wear bras as practical garments. Big-busted women find that they need the support a bra offers. Even women with moderate or medium bust sizes may be uncomfortable exercising or being active without a bra.

Bras also provide shaping under your garments, and can give you a flattering silhouette. This is one of the original roles of the precursor to the bra, and still remains an important purpose of bras for modern women: to display the figure most flatteringly and to make them feel pretty.

The Role of the Bra in Society
Bras also play an important role in modern society. Many women wear bras out of a sense of social obligation. A bra can prevent nipples from showing through your clothes, and preserve your modesty in otherwise sexy or clingy garments. Women who are accustomed to wearing a bra regularly often feel uncomfortable going out of the house without one. There’s no question that bras have claimed an important psychological role in today’s society. Many businesses even have dress codes mandating bras, and the modern dress code often calls for bras for all women except those with the smallest breasts.

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