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Do You Love or Hate Your Boobs?

It’s something we don’t talk about very often, but body image is a huge stressor for many women. With the media constantly bombarding us with images of what the “ideal” woman should look like, many of us secretly lament the fact that we don’t look like that, and utilize a variety of tricks to try to hide the fact that we deviate from the societal “ideal.” If this sounds like you, it’s time to let your voice be heard! Do you love or hate your boobs? Why? By talking about our common issues, it’s reassuring to see how many other women feel the same.

The size of our boobs is a source of constant concern for most of us. If you’ve got a smaller bust, you may have been made to feel self-conscious. From shortly after puberty hits, we’re taught that “more is better.” Women who fall into this category typically employ things like push up bras or padded bras to enhance their assets and feel better about their size.

On the flip side of the coin is women who feel “too big.” Women with larger bust sizes often have trouble shopping for bras at regular clothing stores; up until recently, it was uncommon to see anything larger than a D cup at a regular store. This is a particular problem for women with a large bust size and a small band size, such as a 28 GG.

Women in this category often feel miserable about being so large; it’s difficult to find shirts that fit properly, and swimsuits? Forget it. And then there’s the difficulty of working out with a big bust, and the social stigma that goes along with having a full bust – it can be a truly miserable experience. For a short-term fix, many women utilize minimizer bras to try to reduce the bust size. Some women in this category consider more permanent adjustments in the form of breast reduction surgery.

Shape is another common cause of self-consciousness. Media portrays the “ideal” breast shape as high, firm and round. But many of us with fuller busts don’t fit into this classic ideal of shape, and shape also changes throughout pregnancy, after nursing, and as we age. To comply with the ideal of shape, many women use full-coverage bras, push up bras and bras designed to make our shape seem closer to the “ideal” of natural and rounded.

Sagging is the other top concern that many women have with their boobs. As we age, our skin loses elasticity; sagging is a natural side-effect of this aging process. Women who breast feed may also be concerned about sagging, and this can be a problem, too, for women who gain and lose large amounts of weight. To combat sagging, many women wear full-coverage or push-up bras designed to make the breasts seem as high, rounded and beautiful as earlier in life.

Do You Have Boob-Related Stress?
Do you have boob-related stress? How do you feel about the fact that many women are self-conscious about their boobs – largely due to an inaccurate portrayal of women in media? Ladies of the world, unite! You’d be surprised to find how common your problems are, and how other women deal with it.

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