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Do You Know How a Bra Should Fit?

Bra fit is something we spend a lot of time talking about here at Big Girls Bras, but that’s because it’s an extremely important topic! Industry professionals say that anywhere from 80% to 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size! Where do we get these ideas of bra size? Sometimes our parents; sometimes fittings at stores; and sometimes we just grab something off the rack and if we can snap the band, we think we’re golden! Well, it turns out that some of the industry professionals are putting out the wrong, info, too – even some of them don’t seem to know how a bra should fit! So it’s time to ask yourself: are you one of the 80% wearing the wrong bra size? Do you know how a bra should fit?

How NOT to Fit a Bra


These six bras are images taken from a Very Successful lingerie retailer – if anyone should know about bra fit and sizing, it’s these guys. But if you take a look at these images, they’re like the poster for how NOT to fit a bra! Every one of them shows a woman wearing the wrong bra size for her body – these are all bras that don’t fit properly! Is it any wonder that so many women are wearing the wrong bra size if we think this is how bras are supposed to fit us?

What’s wrong with these bras? Take a close look – their breasts are spilling out, the bra center gores aren’t resting against their sternums, and the bras are riding too low. The band should be providing the support by resting flat against the sternum, with the center gore between the breasts. These bras are great examples of what a bra looks like when the band size is too large and the cup size is too small.

What a Properly Fitted Bra Should Look Like

This Chantelle Rive Gauche Push Up Bra 3082 is a great example of how a properly fitted bra SHOULD look! The center gore is lying flat against the body, between the breasts. The breasts fit properly into the cups; they aren’t spilling out and they’re not being compressed or deformed by the bra cups. The bra is resting in the appropriate spot on her body, with the band lying flat against her chest and providing the bulk of the support for her breasts – not the straps!

Consult Our Bra Fit Guidelines
Hopefully now you’ve seen enough to spot the difference between poorly-fitted bras and a properly-fitted bra. With statistics as high as 80% to 85% of women wearing the wrong bra size, take a look at your bra wardrobe and make sure your bras fit you like the Chantelle bra, not like the six examples above from the Very Successful bra retailer. You may find you’ve been wearing the wrong bra size for years!

Don’t blame yourself if you’ve been wearing the wrong bra size. With images like this to go on, it’s easy to misunderstand how a bra is supposed to fit. But it’s never too late to take charge and change your bra wardrobe to something more appropriately sized!

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