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Designing for Comfort: Innovations in Bra Design

Bra designers all want a bigger piece of the pie when it comes to selling bras to us gals. Luckily, this translates to improvements to bra design in an attempt to get more of us interested in what a given designer has to offer! These improvements to design have led to overall innovations and updates to the bra industry in the past 100 years – most of which lead to more comfortable, more supportive bras. Things like improvements to underwires, bra strap innovations and improvements to the overall bra construction process have made our bras a lot more comfortable to wear! These are just a few of the things we have to be thankful for today in more comfortable and sexier bras!

Improvements to Underwires
Underwires are one of the biggest points of contention among bra wearers. Metal underwires can break, and they can also poke through the fabric of the bra and cause pain. Bra designers have focused on innovating underwires to give us a more comfortable, supportive bra! Designers who still use underwire often coat them in gel or plastic for extra comfort. More and more designers are focusing on the areas where underwires can poke through bras to give us more comfortable underwires.

Hidden underwires in molded-cup bras offer great comfort and support without showing through clothes!

Additionally, many bra designers are now using molded plastic in their underwires because of its pliability. One British firm identified the “ouch zone” under the arm where underwires typically dig into bra wearers, and designed plastic wings to help relieve pressure in this area. Their bra didn’t really catch on, but the concept of using plastic instead of metal stuck. Plastic underwires are flexible, encased in foam and stay in place – hidden within molded fabric in a way designed to reduce the risk of the wire popping out. These are referred to as “hidden underwires.” This type of underwire also creates a sleeker silhouette under clothes. Other bra designers feature soft underwires wrapped in multiple layers of fabric for increased comfort. These innovations have led to advances in underwires in general, and more comfortable bras for us!

Bra Strap Innovations

Wide, comfort-padded straps reduce slippage and improve comfort

Bra straps are another frequent source of discomfort, and innovation in this area has led to a variety of bra strap comfort measures. Some bras now feature silicone-lined straps designed to grip the wearer’s skin and prevent slippage. And some designers are now using gel straps infused with silicone gel to disperse pressure more evenly, relieving shoulder strain and preventing straps from digging in. Wider, padded straps are becoming commonplace for women who have big busts and need the extra comfort. In short: straps are becoming more comfortable, and this is good for us!

Improvements to the Bra Construction Process = Comfort!
There have also been some overall innovations to bra construction that make them more comfortable to wear. In the early days, bras were made in pieces and sewn together, which created uncomfortable seams that rubbed and could sometimes be seen through clothing. Now, many bras are made of molded cups made in one piece so they’re smooth and seamless, and retain their shape. New bra construction techniques also include laser cutting, which prevents fabrics from fraying and eliminates the need for extra stitching. This allows the bra to lie completely flush with the body and eliminate visible lines. Finally, many manufacturers have stopped using tags to prevent discomfort that can be caused by tags in bras. These manufacturers instead stamp size and care info into the bra’s band, eliminating tags and tag-related discomfort!

As designers continue to try to capture our attention, girls, more and more comfort and design innovations are going to make their way into our bras. This can only mean good things for us, so keep your eyes peeled for cutting-edge designers and innovative bra manufacturers!

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